The “Gear”

Here’s some of the gear I use at church:


  1. Taylor T5 Custom Koa (2006) – incredibly versatile instrument.  This is the 2nd Taylor I’ve owned, and it’s awesome as an electric AND an acoustic.
  2. Fender American Stratocaster HSS (2004) – that Fender ‘twang’ with just a little extra ‘oomph.’  Mine is a now-discontinued silver with rosewood fretboard and black pickguard.
  3. ESP Eclipse II Standard (2006) – Currently, my favorite guitar to play.  Mine is vintage black with gold hardware.
  4. Taylor 410 (1997) – Dreadnought acoustic, back when Taylor made 410s with the string-thru bridge.
  5. Seagull Cedar 12-string (1997) – Dreadnought 12-string.  Like most Seagulls, she ain’t pretty, but she sounds great.


  1. Washburn Taurus T25 (2006) – This 5-string bass gets a lot of stage time from our bassist.  Incredible bass for the low price.
  2. Epiphone El Capitan Acoustic 5-string (2003) – Great for those coffeehouse gigs.


  1. Roland Fantom S-88 (2004) – 88-key monster workstation.
  2. Alesis QS7 (1997) – 76-key synth I’ve had for years now.


  1. Line6 PodXT Live (2006) – Great way to get a lot of sound without overpowering stage noise.
  2. VOX Valvetronix AD120VTH and Vox 2×12 cabinet (2004) – Great when you want versatility that’s also quite….loud.
  3. Alesis Sumo 100 – great keyboard amp.
  4. Korg AX10A – inexpensive acoustic modeling processor.


  1. Epiphone Electric Mandolin (2008 ) – sometimes, you just have to have one.

GEAR NOT NORMALLY USED ONSTAGE (backup instruments):

  1. 1976 Univox Hi-Flier.  Same kind of guitar Kurt Cobain used in early years of Nirvana.  Mine is a Phase 3 sunburst.  Nasty (in a good way), grungy sound.  I’m determined to use this thing onstage one day.
  2. 1998 Epiphone Les Paul QMT – Looks beautiful with a blood-red quilted maple top with black hardware.  Also upgraded with Grover tuners and Seymour Duncan JB/59s…making it better than your average Epiphone.
  3. Washburn Rover travel guitar – great for those moments you just need a guitar on vacation.


  • Shure SM58s
  • Shure Beta87A wireless (Shure ULX pro wireless systems)
  • Elixir strings (electrics)
  • D’Addario EXP strings (acoustics)
  • Shure E5 in-ear monitors
  • ART TubeMP processor/direct box


  • 2008 Apple iMac – Final Cut Studio 2 – awesome
  • Windows – Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Architect – when you have to use Windows 🙂 .


  1. Steve says:

    IEM at your church?
    We’re using the Aviom system with a few powered Mackie’s and a few use headphones.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. For the most part, we use Shure P2T wireless in-ear transmitters (our drummer uses a P6 (?)…or whatever the model two steps above the P2 is). We haven’t stepped up to the Aviom (or something like it yet), so we still rely on our tech person to give us the mix we need…

    I use the P2 body pack with a set of Shure E5s…

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