Me and Z

Officially, I’m the worship and creative arts director (or something like that) at Crosspoint Community Church in Decatur, Alabama.  Unofficially, that means I have a lot to do with the music, videos, and other things filed under ‘etcetera’ of the week-to-week things that happen at Crosspoint.

My passion is to find the best way to use creative arts (music, video) to capture people’s attention just long enough to get them thinking about the possibility that Christ is real, relevant, and ready to rock their world.

I am a husband to Stacey (who spends her weekdays as a pharmacist) and father to Kailyn (8) and Zachary (6).  I have 2 dogs (A wooly siberian husky and a spitz/chow mix) and 2 cats, though I think they were merely sent to me to test me 😉 .

I mainly play guitar and keyboard.  I’m addicted to video games (evident by the shiny PS3, XBOX360, and Wii all hooked up to the home theater downstairs) and Netflix.

I’m one of those creative types who generally has a messy house, unfinished projects (like a 1968 Mustang sitting in my garage awaiting restoration), and 1,000 ideas that aren’t attached to anything special.

  1. Steve says:

    Hey there;
    Just found your blog on a Sunday that
    I have off from my church.
    A short note to encourage you,
    nice feel and well written
    Great to see another Worship Pastor who plays a T5 as well.
    I am located in the Pacific NW, near Portland, Oregon.

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for the encouragement…

    I long to visit the Portland area one day. I came so close to moving to Vancouver, WA myself about 5 years ago, but God led me to north Alabama instead. But I can’t complain. Being a part of Crosspoint has been an amazing journey (and hopefully will continue to be for years to come).

    Great to see another T5 player out there. I absolutely love the instrument.

    I was gazing at your guitar collection on your website… One of our lead guitarists would foam at the mouth at your ES335. He’s a Gibson lover who currently plays a 1976 Les Paul Custom…

    Again, thanks for the encouragement…

  3. Mark Roach says:

    Hey, Kevin… I just started blogging and I’ve been soaking in a lot of blogs, especially by worship leaders like myself. I’ve enjoyed reading yours as our titles, duties, and seemingly the DNAs of our churches are all quite similar. Anyway, I did notice that you mentioned you had grabbed some of my tunes in your quest for some new worship stuff out there… hope the song(s) you grabbed have been a blessing to you and/or your congregation. I do have some cool resources (FREE) at http://www.worshipsource.com/markroach if you ever have a need for that sort of thing.

    Meanwhile, keep on keepin’ on for God’s glory! I am honored to stand alongside you in the trenches of the local church! If there’s ever any way I can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to give me a shout…

    Many blessings to you and your ministry…


    [phil 4.8]

  4. Mark,

    Very cool…. I’m honored to be able to use your music in our worship. In fact, we played your “Foundations” for the first time this past Sunday, and plan on using many more. Thanks for the resource link.

    How do you find the time to write songs? Heh…


  5. Steve Hotra says:

    Hey Kevin;
    saw you dropped by my website a few days ago. Hope God is blessing you!
    Have you looked into the new POD X3 live?
    I’m interested in the acoustic guitar/vocal preamp.
    PM your thoughts, ok?

  6. bibomedia says:


  7. Faye says:

    Loved your Tattoo Litmus Test post. Hope it’s okay I linked your blog from mine…

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