You might be a stupid Christian if…you’re Jason Lack?

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Church, Crosspoint

Heh.  Okay, now that I’ve got your attention, keep reading so you’ll understand the title and can relax a little bit before you go off on me for it.  

Every church has “that guy” who does a little of everything in keeping everything running on a Sunday, and Jason Lack is that guy (actually, one of several) who does that for Crosspoint.  Anyway, he blogged about his own “stupid Christian” mistakes, so I thought I’d re-post his comments here (with his permission).  I think it’s a great perspective to take when looking at stupidity – to look at our OWN mistakes.  Th0ugh it’s easy (too easy) to look at other’s stupidity, it’s probably healthier and more edifying in the long run to look at our own mistakes as Christians, so that we (and others) can learn from them.

Anyway, here’s Jason’s post (click here to go to his site if you want to read it there):

Kevin dusted off his blog yesterday and wrote a post about continuing on with the series Stupid Christians. I’m not one to steal an idea and I’m not sure that I am since I am modifying it a bit.

I love the Jeff Foxworthy ‘You might be a redneck if’ jokes, I wrote a post about ‘You might go to Crosspoint if’ a while back and it is still my most popular post. One of the things I think we as Christians do that give us a bad reputation is we take ourselves entirely too seriously. I am willing to bet you (oh no he’s gambling) that most people would be highly offended at being called a stupid Christian. So here goes, I am going to start the list and, it will only be about how I am/was a stupid Christian, so if you add to the list it has to be about you, NOT anyone else.

You might be a stupid Christian if….

You ever thought secular music is an evil influence.

You thought the King James Bible is the only translation you should use.

You voted against the lottery because it WILL ruin families.

You flip someone off on your way to church.

You sleep with your girlfriend and think it is OK because God wants you guys to get married.

You think drinking is a sin and get drunk on the weekends.

You think Jesus actually cares about who is President and that it was a surprise to Him.

You gossip about some one and disguise it as a “prayer request”.

You really believe that Jesus was a white guy with long hair dressed like a hippie.

You think that there are plenty of other people paying their tithes, the church doesn’t need mine.

And to finish it off…….

You think everyone from “that church ” is going to hell.

I’m sure I have offended you with something I have said, but this is how I was/am a stupid Christian.

Feel free to add your stupidity to mine….

Great thoughts.  Let’s keep this thing rolling…

  1. jalack says:

    Oh I got one to add, You might be a stupid Christian if you leave a great church because one of the elders didn’t call and say hi…..I did that once.

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