Why I Love My Church.

Posted: February 3, 2009 in Church, Crosspoint

Before I begin, let me say a couple of things:  Our church is not the only church in America.  It is not better than your church.  We do not stand on a pedestal and pat ourselves on the back for how we do it “better.”  I say these things to be clear about my intentions in this post.  This is not a game of comparison.  No, this is simply to express how this local church that I’ve been a part of has rocked my world.  This is my own experience.  Besides, I think it’d be fun if people chimed in… Anyway, on with it…

I love my church because:

  • It is exciting to be a part of something where you see God changing people’s lives every freakin’ day.
  • I love my church because we played “Amazing Grace” and a Demon Hunter song on the same Sunday.
  • I love my church because we played “Come Together” (Beatles), “Sweet Home Alabama” (Lynard Skynard), “Jump” (Van Halen), and “Interstate Love Song” (Stone Temple Pilots) back-to-back one Sunday as an illustration about how music can grab people’s attention…
  • I love that some of the people I call my closest friends were people I did NOT know 2 years ago.
  • I love a place where you can ask for nearly anything, and there’s ALWAYS someone ready to say “yes” to help out.
  • I love being part of a group of people who go out of their way to help people who are sick or hurting.
  • I love it that my kids look forward to going to church.
  • I love a little series we did last year called “Monster” – and we learned how to really energize our lives.
  • I love that my best friends aren’t perfect people.  They are sinners just like me.  We don’t hide it.  We don’t pretend to have it altogether.  But we DO grow together as we turn away from sin and move closer towards God.
  • I have friends who will get in my face and tell me to get over myself.

Man, this is too easy.  I could post on and on forever (maybe that’s the point).  But here’s the bottom line:

  • I love my church because it is the body of Christ.  It is the bride of Christ.  And through my church – as His hands, His feet – I believe God is just getting started on what he’s going to do.  After all, it is His body – His church – and I’m just blown away to get to be a part of it.
  1. Jason says:

    We have an awesome church. The service with the Beatles, Skynard etc…was my first service, and I still came back.

  2. Paul Pittman says:

    I can’t believe that no one had left comments!

    I love my church because:

    My teenage kids leave the service understanding the message, and being able to apply it to THEIR lives.

    Being a portable church, there are jobs that someone with none of the cool spiritual gifts can do.

    Our creative teams are able to use movies, songs and other things from the pop culture to further the Kingdom.

    The music is loud enough that I can sing at the top of my lungs, and not worry about the person in front of me being able to hear my horrible singing voice.

    Our church is lead by a guy who is so selfless, committed to the cause, and humble that he hired a “rock star” pastor to come teach him things he realizes he doesn’t know but needs to learn to fulfill the vision God has given him.

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