Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Posted: December 22, 2008 in Family, Perspective

Finally feeling the weight of just how much I have to do between now and Christmas.  Life has been pretty busy, and the pneumonia I was fighting off earlier this month didn’t help me get things done.

Still to do:

  • Finish shopping.  Have most of this done (woohoo), but there are some odds and ends I need to wrap up.
  • Shop for food.  Duh.  You gotta eat Christmas Day.  Wait…do you?
  • Clean up the kids’ bedrooms.  It’d be nice for company not to trip over stuff.

Can I get this done?  Who knows.   This stuff is not what this holiday is about.  Never truly has been, never will.  Much in the same way we talk about church, Christmas has its share of sacred cows – traditions you dare not break.  That’s sad, really, because the gift of God’s son was a break from everything traditional.  Even HOW he came to earth shattered every expectation:  Born of a virgin, sleeping in a feeding trough, only visited initially by a few shepherds.  No hooplah.  No Bethlehem parade.  No Black Friday sale.  No turkey.  No decorations.

Who would’ve thought the hope for our entire world would’ve arrived almost unnoticed?

It’s amazing how God turns over our traditions and our expectations so that HIS way is not confused with OUR way.  Awesome, isn’t it?


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