Random mind leaks…

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Happenings, Movies, Perspective
  • Still have to finish up the video editing for tomorrow’s service.  It’s humming right along, but as one person I follow on Twitter said recently, “Video projects are never ‘done,’ you just run out of time.”
  • The pneumonia I’ve been fighting is getting better, but the cough is still there.  Could make singing tomorrow morning fun while I’m supposed to be holding out long notes.  Nothing like spewing phlegm on the teenagers in the first row.
  • I bought a machine gun yesterday.  Relax, it’s plastic and fires 3 foam darts per second.  J-mo bought one, too.  I plan on using mine for small group discipline.  I’ll snap some pics once it’s assembled…
  • I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R Us Kid…(sing along)
  • Glad I got mine before the democrats ban assault rifles 🙂 .
  • My inner classical musician is enjoying listening to Christmas music on the Sirius “Pops” Channel.  Hey, good music is good music.  Period.  (Besides, this stuff really reminds me of what my Dad used to listen to on Christmas).
  • Does anyone else get that “5 Dollar Foot Long” Subway song in your head and can’t get rid of it?  It doesn’t make me want to hit the Subway drive-thru.  It makes me want to drive my truck through a subway.
  • Happy = buying The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray.  Sad = not having enough time to watch it yet.
  • Odd:  My top googled post is the one I wrote about the Guitar Praise Christianized clone of Guitar Hero.  Are people that interested in the game or are they just looking for a real-life praise hero?  Either way, I’m concerned… 🙂 .
  • Five dollar…five dollar…five dollar foot long…  (Ack!!!!)
  • Tomorrow will be another wild ride at church.  My be another litmus test for a lot of people, too.
  • I love being in a series like this, where you get back to the hardcore “core” of what we do as a church and why.
  • It’s not about being “cool.”  It’s about being effective and relevant.  We just happen to be “cool,” too.  😉 .
  1. Eli says:

    The last sentence of this post is right on! I want to get that on a Xpt shirt!!!!

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