The goat ate it

Posted: November 2, 2008 in Church, Happenings, Worship

Seriously, a goat DID eat Tony’s (our guitarist) music this morning.  Here’s the proof:



Yes, that’s Tony’s chord chart to “We Won’t Be Quiet,” by David Crowder, in the goat’s mouth. 

The goat, which was simply there as an illustration as Dave discussed the books of the Law in the Old Testament, munched on the music after we had rehearsed and were waiting on the start of the service.  Then it pooped on the stage – FORTUNATELY, not on the POD XTlive which was a mere 2 feet away, or anything else electronic and would actually want to keep.

But the best part was having to tell Tony what had happened, since he was unaware that there would be a goat involved in the service.  I say, “Tony…a goat just ate your chord chart.”  He just stares at me, thinking I’m kidding, until… he sees the goat, and he’s all, “What?  How?  Where?”  The look on his face was truly priceless.  Only at Crosspoint would a goat be there to eat sheet music right before the service.  Tony’s disbelief was truly funny.

Fortunately, Tony is a talented guitarist, and he was able to play through the 3-chord song without missing a beat (or any notes!).


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