The Infomercial

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

When I first heard about the Obama infomercial the other night, I must admit – I laughed.  But understand this:  I didn’t laugh because of my political views or any negative opinion of Barack Obama.  I didn’t laugh because it reminded me of Ross Perot’s infomercial years ago.

I laughed because I thought of Billy Mays.  This guy:


Billy Mays - the King of "As Seen on TV"

Billy Mays - the King of of "As Seen on TV"

Yes, the King of Oxi Clean, Kaboom, that mega-puddy that can pull a tractor-trailer, and that scratch remover for your car.  I think I even saw him pimping this “reaching claw” for old people once.  Whether you knew his name or not, I’m certain you at least know who he is.  Though not as annoying as that ChamWow guy, this guy appears almost everywhere these days hocking things on TV.  So – duh – why not the Obama Informercial?

“Hi, Billy Mays here to tell you about Barack Obama.  Just cast your vote, and with just one wave of his hand, he’ll remove your deepest economical stains and instantly cool global warming.  That’s the magic of Barack Obama.  Guaranteed.  And if you call right now, I’ll throw in one for free.  That’s right.  Two terms for the price of one.  But you have to act now!”

Did Obama miss an opportunity here?  Doesn’t he realize how much people love good infomercials?  Come on!  You can’t have a good informercial without Billy Mays.

Oh, well.  I at least expect to see one of those red “As Seen on TV” stickers on Barack’s suit should he win the election.


If you’re offended, all I can offer you is a -sigh-.

  1. Joanie says:

    ha! this cracked me up. Billy Mays TALKS REALLY LOUD TOO!!!!!!!!

  2. jalack says:

    RFLMAO, that right there is funny, I don’t care who you are.

  3. Lynn says:

    LOL! You said all that needs to be said! Too FunnY!

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