Dancing, the Bible, and the “cloud”

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Family, Happenings
  • I have somehow managed to avoid the “-itis” that has plagued a lot of the Crosspoint family this week.  Seems to have hit everyone all at once.
  • You ever notice that when bad things happen to people, it tends to just pile up all at once?  Supwifdat?  I believe there is this cloud in Decatur, Alabama that just moves from family to family (and then back again).  It’s crazy!
  • Seriously, though.  There are people in our church family that are hurting.  Pray for them.
  • It has been commented to me this week that I dance like a white boy.  Yes.  Yes, I do.  And your point?  If I really liked dancing that might bother me.  But, alas…
  • But I did learn that “head banging” counts as dancing.  Cool!  I can do that.  But apparently that also makes me look like a teenager at a Baptist youth rally or something.  -sigh-  I just can’t win.
  • The only “salsa” dance I know is what happens when you walk across a room with a chip dipped in salsa and you’re trying not to let any drip on the floor.
  • Line dancing – that thing drunk people do when they’re pulled over by the police and asked to walk in a straight line.
  • I even skipped my senior prom to attend a church “dance.”  But I was in the band…that was the really cool part.  We played, they head-banged.  A mosh pit at a senior prom is just cool.  LOL!  No dancing on my part necessary.
  • Okay, I’ll quit making fun of dancing.  If you can do it, great.  Whoopity-doo.  You can move your legs/body in rhythm.  So can drummers, by the way…
  • We didn’t talk about dancing at small group last night.  We talked about the Bible.
  • It amazes me the reactions people have to studying the Bible.  People new to the faith are eager to learn about how to read it; people who were raised in over-churched environments are sick of hearing about it.
  • I think that’s why this TXT series is so important – learning how to have the right understanding of and attitude towards Scripture, and “correctly handle the word of truth.”
  • Peace out.
  1. mbailey256 says:

    Believe me I have no rhythm, that’s why I’ve taken the Beginner I class 3x lol

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