Rebirthing Now

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Church, Perspective

It has been a tough week (Tuesday through Monday).  One of the toughest weeks I can remember. 

At least, it started that way.  So much has already been said in other blogs about what happened concerning Matt’s mother and father that I will not repeat it here.  And since I won’t presume to truly know the kind of impact this has had on Matt and his family, I will only acknowledge that it’s been very hard for me to see one of my closest friends face an inexplicable event and be able to do very little except witness his pain and try to let him know that me, my family, and my church family have been and always will be there for him –  even if all we know to do is just be there with him.

I have no intent in downplaying this tragedy.  I have no desire to presume or convey that I presume to know exactly how God moves and works when these things happen.  But I can state with some certainty that God has been there since this whole thing unfolded.  It impacted Dave enough that he felt God leading him to change up Sunday morning and talk about leaving a legacy rather than the original topic of marriage and sex.  He did this not to focus on the event itself, but to challenge the rest of us that the most important thing to do in our lives is to follow and live for Jesus Christ.  It was very powerful Sunday morning, and 9 people gave their lives to Christ that morning…maybe more.

Somehow, God has taken an event that was terribly tragic, and transformed it into opportunity for people to connect with Christ…and they did!  And I am amazed – utterly speechless –  at how God can do that.

But there’s more.  Our small group Wednesday night was a necessary time of celebration, as we kicked off the next 8-week “semester.”  We prayed, we laughed, and we bonded as friends because of and even in spite of this tragedy.  Plus, as people have come together to aid Matt and his family, I have seen our overall church community strengthen.

Out of tragic death, there has been rebirth.  That is not bumper-sticker theology.  That is a reality I have seen proven true this past week:  A stronger church community, 9 new people giving their lives to Christ…  And I’ve seen God moving in Matt.  In the height of his sorrow Tuesday night, he prayed that God would somehow use this tragedy to reach someone who was lost.  That alone made me weep…and still does every time I think about it.  Because God, in a way that only God can, answered is answering Matt’s prayer…


I know that this is not the first, nor the last tragedy to impact our community.  It frightens me to know that I – we – will face more.  However, I have seen God move.  And I know that we must have faith in God, knowing that He is always working, even when the situation seems overwhelming at the moment.

Pain is real.  Tragedy is real.  But so is God, and he’s bigger than any of it.

  1. Matthew A. Pitts, esq says:

    All that I can say is that I love you. I can not possibly put into words the thoughts and emotions that are filling my body and mind at this time. I just wanted you to know that I may seem withdrawn at this time, but, I have been through so, so much in the past week. Things I could not even begin to imagine that would ever happen to me and my brother. I am still stuck in the “would of, could of, should of” stage of all this. I am still sorting out the events and trying to make some sort of sense of it all, and I am coming up way short. Just rememeber that God is in my thoughts and prayers at all times, as well as my family, and that includes my church family. To me there is NO distinction between the two.

  2. Matt – I can’t imagine how you feel, nor would I ever pretend to. What I do know is that God is real and He is moving – somehow – in the midst of all this. I also know that me, my family, our church family – We ALL love you and are praying for you.

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