Easy Like Sunday Morning

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Church, Family, Happenings
Oooh, shiny

Oooh, shiny

 “I love the beach.”  It’s hard not saying that without remembering a certain potato.  Nonetheless, it’s true (and not for the Mr. Potato’s reasoning).

I woke up at 8:00 a.m. this morning – a full 3 hours after my normal wake up time on Sundays.  Oddly enough, my first thoughts snapped to Crosspoint and the guest band and the setup and…then I made myself stop thinking about it.  The sound of the ocean outside helped.  Seriously, I have missed being at church this morning and my thoughts and prayers are there with my friends (“family”).  Still, staring out at the ocean and listening to the waves this morning has pulled me back here to Orange Beach, where my wife, my kids, and I have been having a great time.

FRIDAY:  After getting our typical late (but not too late) start, we arrived here around 5:00.  The trip was largely uneventful, except for this freakish moment where we saw a minivan on the opposite side of the road fly off the interstate, spin out in the grass, and wind up in the trees.  Though it appeared cars were stopping, we called 911 anyway and told them where the accident was.  The remainder of the trip was just typical Gulf Shores Parkway traffic.

We checked into our condo (which is awesome), then headed to Cafe Grazie – their seafood canneloni rocks.  After a obligatory trip to Wal-mart for supplies, we took the kids to the beach where they collected seashells and chased crabs.

SATURDAY:  Jack Spooner came by around 9:00 a.m., and we headed over to the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores to check out the booths, fight the (HUGE) crowd, and eat some lunch – crab cakes and crab fritters.  Then we came back to the beach for a while.  After Spooner left, we headed to Bubba’s Seafood House for Royal Red shrimp, snow crab legs, steak, and fried pickles 🙂 .

SUNDAY:  Like I said when I started this post, this is the first Sunday I’ve slept late in a while – 3 years or something like that.  What are we going to do today?  Who knows, but that’s what vacation’s all about.

Some random notes:

  •  I haven’t had a headache since I’ve been here (I had one every day before I left)
  • There was still some sand in our suitcase from last year.
  • Though I really miss going on vacation and sharing the experience with friends, it’s also good to be able to spend the time alone with my family this go-around.
  • I drove my truck – great trip, lots of room, but I have the tiniest parking space on the planet in this condo.  There’s this concrete wall on the right side of the truck that prevents you from opening the passenger door at all.  Oh, well…it’s covered parking, so who cares.
  • Looks like everyone’s ready to get going, so it’s time to quit blogging 🙂 .

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