Cheeseburger in Paradise

Posted: October 12, 2008 in Family, Happenings

Ahhh… dinner at Lulu’s.  The motto there is “Live, Love, Laugh.”  That pretty much summarizes the atmosphere.  Live music, GREAT weather for eatig outside.  The best part?  Normally, the wait is like 2 hours for a table.  But we were seated within 10 minutes – all 7 of us.  Wow!

We met up with the Megatron (Megan), Livvie, and her grandmother.  Food turned out to be excellent as always.

Another day of sun, sand, and good food wrapped up.  Sad part is that we have only one more full day here.

The only downside to the whole days is the elevator in our condo went out this evening, and this fat boy had to climb 177 steps to the 10th floor.  Then down and back again.  I think I at least sweated out my dinner 🙂 .


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