Geek Wars

Posted: October 7, 2008 in Family, Happenings


Yes, I'm a nerd

Geek is gushing out

For one day – one blissful, glorious day – I was ahead of J-mo on the technology curve.  Last Thursday, Stacey and I purchased 16GB iPhones, officially retiring our ancient Sony-Ericsson and Motorola Razr cell phones and their puny, lint-filled screens.  I went with a manly black, while Stacey got the white one.  After just a few moments (and *gulp* a few hundred dollars) later, we walked out of the AT&T store just oozing with techno goodness.  Who cared if we had a PS3 hooked up to a 50″ plasma at the house?  Who cared if the PS3 shared shelf space with a Wii AND an XBOX 360?  Who cared if I had satellite radio in my truck?  We HAD iPHONES, man!!

So, I called J-mo to rub it in…just a bit.  Briefly, he casually tried to convince me that an iPhone just “didn’t have the texting features he needed” like his Blackberry.  Not flinching in my brief moment of techno-superiority, I just said, “It has texting…and it tracks your conversations.”  Da-da-da-da (Superman music).

Then Friday rolls around.  I call J-mo at lunch, possibly just to rub it in some more, when his voicemail gives me an error message:  “The AT&T customer has not set up voicemail on this number.”  “Hmm,” I think, “Isn’t he on T-Mobile.”  Even when I finally reach him and mention that his voicemail is not working, all he says is, “I’ll have to check on that.”

Saturday, the “big reveal” happens during an innocuous invitation to go to Huntsville and visit some outdoor stores (and the Apple store).  J-mo pops out his shiny new 16GB (albeit, “white”) iPhone, wrapped in a super-fly case.  I think, “Goober.”

So my momentary reign at the top came to an end in less than 24 hours.  Jason got his less than 48 hours after that.  So now I “share” the pinnacle with J-mo…and Jason…and Chris…and Stacey…and Dave…and Rachel… (and no, I don’t care if any of them had one before I did).

It’s amazing how fast you can switch paths from alpha dog to lemming.  But at least we are ALL sharing the same cool-ness, even if it’s in an uber-geeky sort of way 😉 .

  1. THE J-Mo says:

    Now that’s funny.

  2. jalack says:

    swimming in a pool of geek myself, Eli is getting her new iPhone tomorrow.

  3. Matthew A. Pitts, esq says:

    Can I have all the techno junk and 4 barrel telephones that ya’ll spent money on and then decided in about 48hrs were obsolete????

  4. Matthew A, Pitts, esq says:

    My phone just makes and recieves phone calls. Call me a redneck (which is more than likely true) but if it gets past that, come by the house. That is the way it used to be done.

  5. Megan says:

    One of you nerds should just pass down your “old” phone so I can get rid of my super lame Chocolate.

    Internal monologue: “I’m not giving into peer pressure, I’m not giving into peer pressure, I’m not giving in. . . “

  6. @Matt – but if we come by the house, we have to look at you. J/K. Conversation is STILL best with no technological “middle man.”

    @Megan – super lame chocolate? My phone was a 3-4 year old Motorola Razr V3. It cost about as much as an iPhone does now back then… Now that’s super lame.

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