Looking back at Sunday – on Monday

Posted: September 22, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Music, Worship

Sunday was another powerful morning at Crosspoint.  I think Dave really handled the topic of parenting well, and it made me think a lot about how important a task we (as parents) have.  All I could think about while he was preaching was my 2 kids – my 3-year-old son and my 6-year-old daughter.  At times, I’m terrified of the responsibility of being a parent this day and age, with so many temptations at every corner as they grow up.  But other times (like now), I know my God is watching over them and drawing them to Him even now – and this reminds me that I’m not in this parenting thing alone.

Anyway, some memorable moments from Sunday:

  • We sang a new song (not new, but new to us) – “Hosanna,” as arranged by Starfield.  It went great, but I didn’t explain what the word “Hosanna” meant in the first service.  And in a church full of unchurched people, not explaining “religious” language can be a no-no.  At least I remembered to do that in the 2nd service…
  • In the 2nd service, same song – I missed the distortion pedal switch when the song was supposed to come in hard and heavy…so instead, it came in weak (that is, until I corrected it).  I hate doing that, because that makes me look like a boob.  Okay, maybe I can live with that.  However, I just do not ever want to distract anyone from worshipping God because I’ve screwed up.  D’oh!
  • Thanks to Elizabeth, Tony, J-mo, Jonathan C., and Megan for serving in the band this week.  They did a great job – especially Megan who showed up to play while fighting off some illness.  Awesome.
  • I love that teenagers sit on the first row.  Isn’t that the opposite of most churches?  When I was growing up, we sat as far back and as high up as we could (in the balcony) so we could talk (quietly, I guess) and pass notes.  But now – every week I look out on the crowd and there’s this mob of teenagers right in front whom I always see first.  That rocks my world.
Anyway, here’s the songset (short and sweet this week):
  1. Awesome is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin/Passion Worship Band
  2. Hosanna – originally Hillsongs, I think, then Passion, and finally my favorite rendition:  Starfield.
  3. We Are Yours – Charlie Hall

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