Random things

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Happenings, Perspective
Random observations from the past few days:
  • The Philips 66 on 24 was out of every kind of gas except for Premium, which was “only” 4.09 – cheaper than regular everywhere else.  Weird…
  • I hate ants.  Thanks to my son sneaking snacks he’s not supposed to have into closets and bathroom and leaving crumbs and half-eaten food hidden everywhere, we have had ants everywhere for the past week.  We can’t kill ’em fast enough.  But the weirdest part: This morning they were crawling in and out of my laptop computer.  Whaaa?????  Apparently, some of the Sunkist that was spilled on the outside of it a month ago apparently made it’s way into the area where the lid latches to the base when you close it.  So, the ants have found that.  Oh, joy.
  • Apparently, Ray Boltz came out of the closet this past week.  If that’s indeed true, that’s pretty sad – and, as Rick and Bubba were saying on the radio Monday, it’s even sadder that his attitude about it is pretty unrepentant.  Oh, well, I thought his music was gay anyway.  
  • Is that bad for me to say?  Dang, I know it’s easy (too easy) to step on some toes and offend people b/c few people seem to have thick skins these days – and I know that Ray Boltz has had quite a few fans who would be furious with me right now.  But I have to confess:   As a child of current contemporary worship, hard rock, and heavy metal, that merging of pseudo-operatic voice with contemporary music he’s been famous for just sounded…weird.  But, hey…that’s me.  Like what you like.
  • A beach trip is looking more and more likely.  I don’t care if it’s 40 degrees on the sand.  It’s still the beach.  It’s still local seafood.  There’s still the smell of salt in the air.  I might even like the beach better when it’s cool outside.
  1. Anne says:

    Why do I get Ray Boltz & Michael Bolton mixed up. I predict he’s coming out next.

    And if a contemporary Christian band uses words like “sing-a-long”, it might not be long before they come out. Oh yes I did. I said it!

  2. What about, “Jesus is a mounty, he always gets his man.”

    Wow…is all I can think about that, then…

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