Sunday unwind

Posted: September 15, 2008 in Church, Happenings
  • This was our second week doing 2 services in the theater.  Combined attendance for both services (including those who served in both) was around 317 (which probably makes the actual total of individual bodies around 275 (?).  Either way, it’s a new record in attendance.  Awesome.  Hanging on for the ride…
  • About 50 people at Discovering Crosspoint tonight.  I think that’s the largest membership class ever in the history of our church.  Wow.
  • Around Christmas last year, we were hovering around 110 people.  I think we dipped under 100 one week.  This is an exciting time to be a part of Crosspoint.
  • Kicked off Family Jewels this morning.  (Trailer posted in post below this one)
  • Amber, as always, did an amazing job singing this morning.  She owned the last song.
  • Thanks to Chris, Jeremy, and Jerry for their respective roles on bass, drums, and guitar.  They were seriously rockin’ out.
  • I hate the adrenaline fall-off that happens on Sunday afternoons.  Talk about a crash.
  • Stacey and I recovered from the “crash” by hanging out at Jason and Eli’s with Anne, Grace, Che, Mike, Meredith, and Patty.  (On a side note, I never knew the “kids'” questions on the Family Edition of Trivial Pursuit were so hard…I felt s-t-u-p-i-d).


  1. “Duck and Run,” 3 Doors Down
  2. “The Noise We Make,” Passion Worship Band
  3. “Let God Arise,” Chris Tomlin
  4. “Center,” Charlie Hall

I need some fresh worship songs.  Anyone have any suggestions?  (And, no, that “Jesus is my Friend” video thing on Dave’s blog DOES NOT COUNT).  But if you just have to suggest it, just get it over with.

Anne, come along, sing along…

  1. Jason says:

    more Robby Seay Band…..God of Heaven come down, Heaven come down. Oh and that Sonseed thing on Dave’s blog….ZAP!

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