Awesome Sunday

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Church, Happenings, Music
  • Great Sunday – Kenny did a great job preaching in Dave’s absence.
  • I managed to sing “Dangerous,” by Decemberadio, without a lung exploding.
  • I felt more “on fire” Sunday than I have in a long time.  I think it’s because I’m really excited about what God’s been doing lately, and humbled that I’m not more “on fire” all the time.
  • Saw many faces I didn’t recognize – aways good to see new people.
  • Lots of videos – will post them later.
  • Spent Sunday evening over at Jason/Eli’s with lots of friends, old and new.  Grilled salmon/chicken, ate sushi, played some guitar.  Didn’t leave until about 1 a.m. – I love Labor Day weekend.
  • Came home only to hear lots of gunshots from some location to our north.  Yikes.
  • Gustav is making the air around here thick – like standing in a bathroom while someone’s showering.  Nasty humid.  But who am I to complain about humidity when it’s the Louisiana Coast that’s in real danger?
  • Now, what to do on this glorious holiday?

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