Posted: August 29, 2008 in Happenings

I’ve been pretty up-to-date on the technology curve, I think.  I don’t know if that’s  if I’m excessively enamored by how “easy” new technology can make your life, or because I just like things that are shiny.  But where I’m not up-to-date technologically is with my cell phone (an aging, 1st generation Motorola RAZR, with so much lint behind the screen, you can’t read it in sunlight).

So, I checked my AT&T wireless contract online last night to find that I am now eligible for a phone upgrade after 2 long years of being seriously behind in the cell phone technology curve.  Now, if I can only find the $$$ for 2 of these (of course, Stacey must have one, too 😉 ):

With one (2) of these iPhones, an iMac (with Final Cut Pro installed), and the stickers for my car, I will be thoroughly “appled.”  Of course, being truly appled means I will have to make sure everyone gets to see my new phone, and maybe even make multiple references to it if I ever have a chance to preach from the stage again.  I will proudly show how the GPS pinpoints my location, though I already know where I am.  I can play Pac-Man on it for a grand total of about 10 seconds before I get bored.  I can download the lightsaber motion/visual app just…well…just because.  I can check my e-mail repeatedly at lunch, even if the person I’m having lunch with wants to actually talk to me.   I can watch movies on a 3 1/2″ screen (who needs 50″…sheesh!).   Oh, and I think you can listen to .mp3s and actually make calls on it, too.

But none of these joys will be mine until I have enough money to actually buy an iPhone.  -sigh-   I hate waiting.


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