A Reluctant Farewell…

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Uncategorized
What felt like such a “far off” time is now finally here, and I’m having to say goodbye to some close friends and fellow band members.  So I thought it would be more than appropriate to blog about them and honor them for their inspiration and their involvement for the past few years.  Keep in mind that nothing I can possibly say her can express how much I appreciate their friendships and their service as musicians.  Also, I invite YOU to make comments on any of these guys – which I will pass on to them.


Jack and his Les Paul

A job change is taking Jack from Decatur to Mobile.  He actually moved this past Sunday, though his family will still be here for a couple of months. 

From the first day he came to Crosspoint several years ago, I have found Jack to be a person of encouragement and a man with a heart to see Crosspoint and the band be the best they could be.  He, his wife (Michelle), and their kids (Leah, Jared, and Michaela) are among some of the godliest people I have ever met.  All of them would do pretty much anything to help anyone if they needed it.  They are people of incredible convictions and steadfastness, and I know I am just one of many who have looked to them as living examples of seeking God.  They would be the first to tell you that they are far from perfect, but I think that’s one of the most amazing things about them.  They are real people doing their best to follow God’s direction in a very real world – facing everyday real-life problems, but seeking God in everything.

To say Jack is a great guitar player is a bit of an understatement.  I’ve always said he has passion and “soul” in his music.  This guy loves to rock, and his ability has always been an asset in leading others into the worship experience.  I am going to really miss seeing him stage-left – especially because Jack is someone that – I am very glad to say – has been my mentor and friend for several years.

Jack will be back in about 6 weeks or so to help his family move down with him, and he promises us that at that time we’ll get one last chance to “rock out” on his deck (meaning:  grilling some food, playing some guitar…).


Jared (left) and his sister, Michaela

Jared (left) and his sister, Michaela

Jack’s son, Jared, hasn’t played with us as much as some of the others listed here, but his involvement has also been a real asset.  He owned “Simple Man” on guitar when we played it a few months ago.  But his musical ability pales in comparison to his heart for God and a kind of wisdom and godliness that are very rare in someone so young.  Throughout his teenage years, he has always had an incredible heart to reach people and has brought a lot of friends to church with him who have stayed on with us to this day.


Will on guitar

Will on guitar

Will is leaving this fall for college in Chattanooga, TN.  This kid (not really a “kid,” but compared to me…yeah) has an awesome desire to use music to touch people’s lives.  He has great guitar skills, but I think the best way to compliment him is to repeat what I’ve heard from people:  “He’s an inspiration when he plays.”  “You can really see his heart for God when he’s onstage.”  I love that Will has a heart for God that is transparent.  In fact, Will is choosing to make a ministry career out of his music.  After hearing his “demo” music that he recorded with Chris Wilhelm, I’m sure he will be successful.

Will has expressed a desire to play again with us over holidays and summer vacations, so though we say “goodbye” for now, I’m sure we will enjoy his inspiriation again.

Brent Barnes

Brent is leaving for UNA in the fall, and though he’s not really saying “goodbye” (he will be available to play again in a few months), his involvement with the UNA band will occupy too much of his time to play with us throughout the football season.

Brent on bass

Brent on bass



On top of praising him as musical “prodigy,”  I think the best praise I can give Brent is that he dove in with both feet 2 years ago and has hardly taken a break since.  Being a true servant, he has served without complaining (unless we do country music…heh) and has sacrificed an incredible amount of time and energy to make Sunday mornings and other events awesome.  This pseudo-caveman (remember the long hair?) jumped in with both feet and a solid growl when we had a desperate need.  Armed with a bass guitar and a pack of crackers (which he munched on between songs), he immediately inspired people with his heart for God.  I very much look forward to playing with him when he’s available for years to come…and one day I’ll have to buy him the “roast duck with the mango salsa” (caveman joke).


Things change – life can take people away from us, and we can never truly “replace” their uniqueness and their contribution.  But change also brings opportunity – and while we will miss these guys greatly, we will also see some new people taking the stage in coming months who will bring their own uniqueness, style, and friendship(s) to Crosspoint.

  1. Jason says:

    Brent is probably one of the best country music musicians I have ever been on stage with. When all these guys are famous (with the exception of Jack, he’s too seasoned) you can say you played on stage with them. I cannot say for the younger guys that they will be the leaders of tomorrow, they are already leaders today. Good luck guys, Godspeed, and we’ll see ya around.

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