‘Twas the night before…

Posted: August 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

…the first day of school.

Yikes.  Tomorrow is August 7th, and my daughter (Kailyn) starts 1st grade.  While I’m proud of her doing the whole 1st grade thing, I’m really just sad that summer is now “officially” over.

Anyone remember when summer was a full 3 months?  When I was a kid, I remember that summer “felt” like half of your year:  Half of it was school, the other half was summer.  Summer felt long.  Summer started late May/early June, and you didn’t go back to school into something like a few days before Labor Day.  Compared to today, that’s a summer that’s nearly 3 weeks longer.  Heck…my senior year in high school I got out June 6 and started my first day of college on August 22.  Now THAT was a summer!

Maybe some parents enjoy getting their kids back out of the house, but I would like 3ish more weeks of taking them swimming, letting them play outside, or maybe squeezing in a real vacation.  I’m actually encouraged that gas prices are making schools consider adding 2 or more weeks to summer in years to come to save on energy costs.

Oh, well.  As fast as “life” seems to be happening, I better start Christmas shopping…like now.


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