Awesome Sunday

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am absolutely being blown away by the phenomenal things happening at Crosspoint.  At the beginning of the Hot Topix series, we were averaging somewhere in the area of 160 people each week, give or take a dozen.  Today, we hit a record high of 266 people – many new faces and even some old faces returning.  I know that there are churches out there that celebrate many more people than this, but we are at that ultra-exciting stage where growth is happening in a way that you just know God is moving in people’s hearts – and they are catching the vision for themselves.

Am I just playing a “numbers” game.  My answer is both a “yes” and a “no.”  No, because we don’t count heads just so we can pat ourselves on the back that we’re reaching more people than the church down the road.  But I also say absolutely “yes,” because EVERY person who walked through our doors today matters to God.  We celebrate our increasing numbers because these are people who are seeking God and seeking a place – a church – to belong.

I also say “yes” because – after 6 years of doing this – we are seeing some fruit of our efforts (only possible with God, just to be clear).  People are catching on, and they are telling their friends.  People who need Jesus – who need healing, direction, or hope – are coming.  And they’re staying.

As always, I’m blown away that I get to be a part of something like this.

Anyway, here are some highlights from today:

  • The videos – people laughed – I will post them later.
  • Kenny “Cuervo” Lopez.  Kenny is the most un-Hispanic man of Hispanic descent I have ever met, which made his video even funnier.
  • Jason singing Brad Paisley’s “Alcohol” to introduce Dave’s message on Alcohol.  Awesome job, dude!  I think people really got into the country thing.
  • We had more country music in this one service than we’ve done in all the past 6 years at Crosspoint.  (I think there were a total of 6 today, counting Jason’s solo and the music in the countdown.  We’ve only done 3 country songs prior to this.  Maybe that’s a big missed opportunity in North Alabama.  You think?).
  • 266 people.  No matter how many times I think of it, I’m still blown away.  8 months ago, we were happy to break 100.  1 month ago we were thrilled to break 200.  Now we’re approaching 300.  Holy smokes…we’ve got to make places for these people to sit!!
  • Rodney Culp – letting us use his VW bug for one of our videos.  Thanks!!
  • Julie Pitts – stepping in to learn EasyWorship (Hang on, we go all Mac in a month!).
  • Jack Alford hiding his panic when the lights went down.  He got ’em back up.  He is da man.
  • Countless others – who serve every week to make this thing happen.  You are loved, you are appreciated, and we could not do this thing without your help.
  • God – to see You move in the lives and hearts of people at Crosspoint in the way You’re doing – that is re-igniting my own heart in a way (I must confess) I haven’t felt in a long time.  All the praise goes to You!
  1. Jason says:

    this weekend was a lot of fun, you did a great job on the videos. thanks for what you do brother

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