Musings from a sleepy mind…

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
  • I’ve been slacking at my blogging.  Partly because I’ve been busy.  Partly because I have had nothing to say (which for me is a probably a blessing to most people…heh).
  • Headaches anyone?  In the past 2 weeks, I’ve had so many headaches, it’s like having one LONG headache that may go away for a couple of hours, then come back with a vengeance.  It feels like a sinus headache, tension headache, and a migraine (nausea-related) headache all at once – as if something has sneaked into my skull and has begun squeezing my brain.  Ow.  I know Jason, Jeremy, and Stacey (my Stacey) have had perpetual headaches for a couple of weeks as well.  Maybe we should import our drinking water.  Maybe?
  • Speaking of headaches, here’s a new church sign I’ve seen in Decatur (relevant to the heat of summer, I suppose):  “Our church is ‘prayer’-conditioned.”  Holy cow…
  • Skype is my friend.  Originally, I’ve been using it to communicate with Dave when he’s out of town, but it’s also been a great way to see my family (mother and brother) and for them to see me, my wife, and my kids.
  • We play a country song in church this coming Sunday.  I’ve played it so much in rehearsing it that I have this weird urge to buy some cowboy boots.  Oh…no…  Maybe that will make me more ‘manly’ when I play the MANdolin.  Or more like a Village People reject.
  • Had a meeting last night with some prospective (and current) band members.  It’s exciting to see some new people wanting to get involved in the area of ministry I’m passionate about.  Change (losing people to college/moving) can be a scary thing, but it can also be a great opportunity to get new people involved (which is what it’s all about anyway, right?).
  • My kid gets to ride a bus to/from school this year.  Awesomeness.  I won’t have to wait in a long line of impatient parents who simply must pick their child up before you do.  Okay, maybe I’m one of them…
  • Has anyone actually seen anybody doing any actual work on the Beltline recently?  There are orange barrels, signs, and police cars clocking speeders, but…hmm…no workers for like 2 weeks now.  Anyone?  Bueller?
  • In spite of my lack of a vacation, a short-term (hopefully) shortage of cash, changes in the band, my persistent headache, and the extreme busy-ness of my life recently, I actually do not feel like complaining about it.  I have a wife and kids who love me.  I have friends I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Above all, I’m excited to be a part of something God’s hand is most definitely touching – seeing him work in the lives of other people re-ignites my own “fire,” and I absolutely cannot believe I get to be a part of something like this.  God rules!

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