Weekend wrap-up

Posted: July 27, 2008 in Uncategorized
  • Another great Sunday at Crosspoint.  Nearly 230 people there.  Lots of guests.  No Dark Knight to compete with in the lobby.  Fun songs (“Meant to Live” – Switchfoot, “The Noise We Make,” “Here Is Our King,” “A Thousand Hallelujahs,” “Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)”.  One goofy transition in the beginning, but it all came together.
  • Shot a video after church for next Sunday.  Had a lot of fun shooting it with Dave and Rodney.  Should be funny once I assemble the “puzzle” from the raw footage.
  • It is hot and humid.  Typical Alabama – the armpit of the south.  Nasty and sweaty in July.  🙂 .
  • My grass is overgrown.  When it rains every day and you don’t get to mow it, it only grows longer.  -sigh-
  • Got to talking with Rodney today about my ’68 Mustang (he restores old VW bugs).  I really want to get that thing running so that it’s more than just a place to stack crap (though it’s far better than it used to be in that regard).  All I need is money.  Maybe soon…
  • Still have the vacation “itch.”  Bad.  Need beach…
  • Our 7-month-old puppy is now over 65 lbs.  Yikes.  Well, Kailyn always wanted a pony.  Does this thing count?
  • THE BAD: I’m losing 4 band members due to jobs and college’s fall semesters. THE GOOD:  Several people have shown a lot of interest in getting involved.  Great time to get involved if you have musical talent, a heart for serving God, and the desire to grow closer to God in your own walk with Him. 
  • Alabama Extreme Cage Fighting.  Who knew it could be fun?  It was.  But the Mexican food we ate beforehand woke me up at 3 a.m. and said, “He-freakin’-llo!!”  Whoa.  The pain.  The agony.  No more El Portal for me for a while.
Best things overheard/seen this weekend:
  • “This cage fighting is slightly classier than I thought it would be.”
  • “Choke…him!!”  – Matt Pitts at the cage fight (you had to hear how he said it, I suppose, but we were rolling).
  • “‘Cause Jesus don’t tap out” – quote tattooed on one of the fighters’ arms.
  • Shooting the video with Dave (for to the whole “alcohol” topic next week) and seeing him pull a classic Mr. Magoo and trip and fall down hard while walking into Shoe Carnival.  Relax, other than a couple of scrapes, he wasn’t injured.  So had the camera been rolling, I’m sure I could’ve tied that into the alcohol theme somewhere.  Dang it!!
There’s a lot more, but my brain is fried.  So if you have any great comments/memories of this weekend’s events, feel free to comment!

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