Beach Bummed

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Uncategorized


View of Orange Beach from the sailboat

View of Orange Beach from the sailboat

I believe beach vacations are scripturally mandated.  After all, those guys Jesus called on were fishermen at the BEACH (paraphrased, of course)!  Seriously, I know “sabbath” time – making time to rest and recharge – IS mandated…


…And I need some serious sabbath time.


Most of my friends have had their beach trip(s) this summer (or they are about to).

Me?  Nada.  At least, not yet.  Why?  (1) I got hosed on the annual Crosspoint CSI (youth) trip this year b/c it fell on a weekend and I needed to stay here and do the whole band/stage thing.  (2) Money.  Money sucks.  Well, lack of it does.  We spent our vacation money last year on everything from our (much-needed) new bed to the replacement plasma TV we bought last October when our old one crapped out.  And with gas prices as high as they are, that only exacerbates the problem (big word, eh?).  

But I still got the “itch” to go…somewhere, anywhere.  I need something more than finding last year’s sand in suitcases and beach chairs…something more than the episodes of CSI:  Miami (don’t knock it…in HD it’s like you’re there…).  I want the sand, the sun, the seafood (Royal Reds, baby!), the wind, the waves, the smell of salt in the air, and – above all – the VACATION to get away from everything for a bit.  Even the “bad” parts sound good:  I want the excruciatingly long 6-hour drive to the beach.  I want the sand that’s so hot it burns your feet.  I want the taste of saltwater in my mouth (well, maybe).  I want to brave the jellyfish and stingrays.  I want the long hike from the 15th floor of the condo to the beach, dang it.  I even want that crappy 6-hour drive home back to the working world in Decatur Alabama.  I would just be happy sitting on balcony of a condo feeling the wind and hearing the waves.  No laptops.  No .mp3 players.  Cell phones turned off.  V.a.c.a.t.i.o.n.

It will happen.  Oh, yes.  It will happen.

But, can I borrow $1000 first?  Anyone?  You could write it off as a ministry contribution.  (I am SOOO kidding 😉 ).

  1. Laura Poff says:

    Hey! Ricky and I are feeling the same way. We always take a beach trip every summer but this year I quit my job and we have had to cut back on stuff we don’t need. Vacation seems to be looking like one of the thing we need. The beach vacation every year is like therapy. You need it!!! Maybe we can get a few more people together, rent a big condo and pack up in a van and haul butt to the beach. We would at least only have to come up with $500 a piece. I am actually looking around the house to see what we can sell in order to go. I think Ricky might miss his XBox and Wii.

  2. That would be awesome. Ricky could come play on our XBOX and Wii in a pinch 😉 .

    If we could get families to go, we’d be in on it!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hate me if you must but I am replying to this while at the beach. It sure is nice to have parents that still want you around them even when on vacation. I’ll bring you back some sand Kev.

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