Posted: July 14, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Happenings, Music, Video, Worship

Yesterday’s kickoff to the “Hot Topics” series was incredible.  There was an incredible “vibe” that permeated the whole place and the whole experience.

  • The setup/stage design was incredible.  Dave, Dana, Pam, and others really pulled off making a tired, old theater feel “beachy” (heh), in spite of the kid-made Gotham City that took up 20 feet of real-estate by the front door (in anticipation of The Dark Knight, which opens this coming Friday).  A church member even brought an old VW bug to the church that we parked out front and strapped coolers and surfboards to it’s roof.  Onstage there were surfboards, palm trees, and even flaming (electric flicker bulbs) tiki torches.
  • While I was “cooling down” a bit in the lobby after the band played, a guest who had to run out for a second made an unsolicited comment that the stage looked great.
  • After a creative countdown video (will post funny segments of it later), we kicked off the service with Evan leading the crowd in a 3-minute “game” with a bunch of beach balls that people just hit aroud the room while “Wipeout” played in the background.  I can’t imagine any other church in Alabama starting a service with a beach ball game as a call to worship – but it did immediately create an energy in the room that was easy to tap as we led into worship.
  • Played “Let God Arise,” “We Won’t Be Quiet,” and “Salvation” as the first worship set.  In all the years I’ve been leading worship at Crosspoint, I have NEVER seen a crowd engage the worship with the level of energy onstage.
  • Pam, who has become an incredible vocal asset to the band, was rockin’ as she led, which was amazing because she’s usually a quiet person offstage.  During breakdown, she commented, “It didn’t even feel like me on the stage.”
  • I think we all felt that way – worshipping with energy…abandoning our shyness or the hindrances to truly worshipping.  Maybe it was the energy of the largest crowd we’ve ever had at church…maybe.  Personally, I think God “anointed” the whole experience.  You could see it in Pam.  You could feel it in the crowd.  I could feel His presence, and there was no doubting who (God) fueled the experience.
  • After a brief video, we played REM’s “Losing My Religion.”  This is the whole reason I purchased the much-discussed MANdolin.  But it really came together.  Honestly,  I don’t think of REM music as “rockin’,” but the crowd certainly did.  It actually startled me when the crowd erupted in applause at the end.  I’ll link to the video as soon as it’s available.
  • These elements all came together.  The countdown, the beach ball game, the worship, and the REM song all grabbed the crowd’s attention before Dave ever took the stage.  They were “primed” to hear God’s Word.
  • I won’t go into all the details of Dave’s sermon (you can hear it at, but it was incredibly powerful…one of his best.  There was even an impromptu “return” of Jason’s Pentecostal preacher at a most appropriate moment…”Praise Jesus-ah!”  You can watch the original video of his character here.
  • At the end of the sermon, about a half a dozen people raised their hands who wanted to commit their lives to Christ.
  • We sang “Rise,” by the Robbie Seay Band as a closing song, immediately followed by a Dave-requested encore of “We Won’t Be Quiet.”  Again, the crowd ROCKED!!  Had we not been in a hurry to clear the theater (they do, in fact, need us out to show movies), I imagine we could’ve worshipped even more.
  • Oh, record high attendance of 218.   Yes, numbers matter because PEOPLE matter.  We’re NOT just counting heads…we’re welcoming guests and counting them because they matter to God, and we want them to come back!
  • God rocks!

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