Mindwalking – Monday night

Posted: July 7, 2008 in Family, Happenings, Music, Perspective, Worship

So, what’s on my mind tonight?

  • Played at the park tonight with several people in the band.  It was…okay.  I felt I really sucked it up a few times.  Plus, I think we missed a big ministry opportunity, considering the number of people that were there.  Oh, well… Good tonight.  Better next time.
  • My 4-month-old 22″ Viewsonic LCD monitor got scratched when I was unloading it Sunday.  By “scratched,” I mean 2-4 lines that run from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen.  Thought it wouldn’t be too bad, but when I powered it on this morning, well…it’s like a crack in a car windshield.  Technically, you can look past it, but it’s still a distraction.  Anyway, nothing like spending $240 (or more) twice.  Ack!!  Oh, well, no one’s fault but my own.
  • My daughter has still been a bit emotional today about the loss of our dog, Schastye.  But life goes on – the 6 1/2 month old, 63-pound “puppy” we inherited via Jeremy, one of our drummers, is getting fixed tomorrow.  Poor guy…he has no idea.  (The puppy, that is…not Jeremy).
  • It’s been a busy 24 hours.
  • I ordered a cheap mandolin today.  My inner-metalhead wants to kick me in the teeth.  But my inner acoustic-guitar-campfire-tree-hugger-granola-eatin’-self that rarely comes out to play is “giddy.”  Note:  My inner metalhead is never “giddy.”  I just have to be careful, or my ESP electric might leap off the guitar stand to kick the mandolin’s butt onstage one Sunday.
  • If you don’t know what a mandolin is, God bless you.  Keep listening to Demon Hunter and you’ll be none the wiser.
  • If you don’t know what an ESP guitar is, think:  Metallica.  Heavy metal.  Music that men listen to.  The fact that I own one of these AND I’m buying a mandolin makes we want to revoke my own man card.
  • Then again, the mandolin was prominent in the Godfather soundtrack (that classic “italian” sound).  And few movies are manlier than the Godfather.  So there.  I can pull this contradiction off.
  • Speaking of being “manly,” I need to spend some serious time with God.  I must confess, I’ve been so busy and overwhelmed with things lately, that I have made little or no time for him in the past few days.  And I can feel the effects of that.  So this is a must do priority that will start right now.
  • Peace.

Oh…one last thing…the latest under the category of church signs/marquees:

We may not be plastic surgeons, but we can give you faith lift. 

All I can say is…wow.  Or…ow.  You pick.

  1. Jason says:

    mandolin not manly? whats the first three letters spell? M-A-N. when I think mandolin I think, country music, blue grass, not hippy, Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, sitting around a camp fire. Country and Blue Grass is man music, its music for good, honest God fearin folks. Hethen…….j/k.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve gotta say Jason’s right, a Mandolin even has MAN spelled in it. But just for good measure, why don’t you go get your Man Card?

  3. THE J-Mo says:

    Isn’t your man card a learners permit?

  4. Easy now…I’ve got the wife, the kids, and the extreme amount of body hair to prove that I’ve earned a lifetime man-card. (But…please just take my word on the body hair). Other man points: “True Lies” was my idea of a romantic comedy. I have dogs that actually bark and are full size (vs. the ones that squeak and look like scale models of real dogs). Grilling is my preferred method of cooking meat (real man cook with flame, not with magic). I don’t wear paisley or so-called man jeans that have embroidered pockets. I never heard of man-pris until Dave blogged about them. In the 80s, I would’ve paid to see Metallica kick Nelson’s butt. I’ve never gone on a date where the girl asked me. I don’t get nauseated playing first-person shooters (j/k, j-mo…heh). I prefer “House” to “Grey’s Anatomy.” Movies aren’t movies unless you watch them in surround sound. You shouldn’t play racing games with a game pad. My SUV is actually a 4×4. Distorted electric guitar makes every song sound better. I make my wife change the channel ANY time I find her watching a movie on Lifetime…or I go kill things playing Crysis on the PC.

    That’s the short list.

    As for the MANdolin post that generated these responses…the one I have ordered is in fact an acoustic-ELECTRIC mandolin…so that’s got to count for something, I suppose.

    And yes…it will never be used to play anything “Garfunkly.”

  5. Jason says:

    Ok, let point out man card violations in the above response:
    1. What’s a romantic comedy?
    2. Didn’t you see Nelson in concert? I seem to remember you saying that it was one of the best concerts EVER.
    3. For girls to ask you out means that you are so much of a man that the women come to you.
    4. You know the difference in House and Grey’s Anatomy
    5. The fact that you let your wife even touch your remote while you are in the same zip code is a major violation and should be brought before a council of your peers and reviewed.

  6. okay, Jason, while we’re on man-card violations:

    1. If you’re married (a man card bonus), you know what a romantic comedy is. But…lest I’m mistaken, didn’t you see “Sex and the City” IN the theater? I dont’ care what “man” points you were trying to earn with your wife…you can even try to argue that you were comfortable enough in your manliness to see it…in any event, that has got to be near the top of the list of man card violations.

    2. Yes, this is a tough one. I did see Nelson in concert (-5). But I didn’t pay to see them (+1 – tickets were free). I took the MARTA train in Atlanta to see them (you have to be manly to get on that thing + 1). I still get nauseated remembering that event, except for the brief part of the concert where the ambiguosly blonde duo left the stage and the band played a bunch of really cool solos around “Cult of Personality,” (NOT even one of their own songs…heh). But just to be sure I didn’t lose any more “man points,” I repented and immediately went to see Van Halen the next week – riding MARTA again (+6). So in that 2 week period, I netted 3 man points, instead of losing 5.

    **On a related note: While there, I watched a girl take away someone’s man points after he pinched her butt and she punched him in the face…he looked stunned, especially when all his friends started laughing at him. Now that’s entertainment.

    3. Girls asking you out can also mean they feel sorry for you.

    4. House – sarcastic, manly doctor. Great show. But from what Dave (heh) tells me about Grey’s Anatomy, it’s something like ER on estrogen.

    5. I know your wife. She has control of more things than just your remote ;-).

  7. Jason says:

    LOL, you saw Nelson and you admit it on the web….LMAO, and as far as Sex in the City goes…..it takes a real man to suffer and endure pain like that for the sake of a woman.
    Girls asking you out means they felt sorry for you, and there is no woman with a heart that big.
    Van Halen, I’ll give you that one…bonus man points, riding MARTA, there is a difference in brave and stupid.
    House, ok maybe.
    And as far as my wife goes….your right. (takes a real man to admit when someone else is right, so fess up Kev).

  8. THE J-Mo says:

    I love my friends.

  9. I’m man enough to admit the Nelson thing on the web. “Hi, my name is Kevin, and I went to a Nelson concert.” I went through the 12 steps, and now I’m a solid Demon Hunter fan…redemption.

    As for MARTA, riding the train 15 years ago was manly…riding it today…stupid.

    Sex and the City – Painful, maybe even noble…but how do you wash off that much estrogen?

    As for my wife…dunno what you’re talking about…my wife loves me…you can tell by the PS3, XBOX360, Wii, and the 50″ plasma to play them on. Eh?

    Y’all want any man card points, come and watch 300 on the system some time :-). We can throw dead cow on the grill, too.

  10. Anne says:

    Oh, you manly men!

    Kevin, don’t let them get to you. You’re going to look so cute Sunday in your little hawiian shirt, with your little mandolin. I bet you’re already growing some little baby dreadlocks.

    I hope you don’t pull your back out again carrying the MANdolin on stage.

    Here are some other “MAN” words:
    MENstruation, MENopause, HYSterectomy….and last but not least – HEMmorroids.

    Do I sense a pattern?

    Happy Day!

  11. Anne…then that makes you the manliest person I know. J/K 😉 .

    As for Sunday…I should probably put white sunscreen on my nose just to complete the look…

  12. Jason says:

    finally the elusive Anne comes out of hiding to pounce on an opportunity to make fun of Kevin,

  13. THE J-Mo says:

    Anne – you’ve got me rollin….

  14. […] rocked the R.E.M. tune “Losing my Religion” in church this morning. As much crap as Kevin received this week over his new MAN-dolin, it really was the key to covering the song right. It all came together and sounded really good. We […]

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