Posted: July 7, 2008 in Family, Happenings, Perspective
Schastye at 7 years old

Schastye at 7 years old

…to an old friend.  Our 10 year old Siberian husky, Schastye (shas-tee), died yesterday afternoon.  We thought we had lost her weeks ago for other problems, but she seemed to be getting much better.  Saturday night, she was still acting like her old self, albeit a bit “older” and less energetic as she used to be.

Sadly, it was my 5-year-old daughter who discovered her “sleeping” Sunday evening, and she had asked my wife if she could wake her up.  My wife wisely sent her inside, and she and Jason took care of the dog’s body (Jason, thanks a lot for your help) while I talked with Kailyn about what had happened.  She cried for a while, I let her outside to say “goodbye” one last time, then she spent the next little bit drawing a picture of her and her friend Emma playing with Schastye.  Not a bad way to cope for a couple of kids…

Now, almost 24 hours later, my wife, my kids, and I are doing fine, and still have our hands full with our 3 younger dogs (the oldest is 3 years old) and 2 cats. 

People laugh at us for our love for animals and are constantly suggesting that we have too many of them.  But the truth is, we (especially Stacey) love animals.  I grew up in a neighborhood full of them (back in the days when it seemed unnecessary to fence pets in).  Stacey has always had a soft spot for any animal that “needs a home” (why do you think we have so many?).  The truth is they are companions, and it pains us to have lost 3 of them in the past few years (Abbey, the other husky, and Chaps, another cat – disappeared).

Schastye was kinda like a wedding gift to each other that is hard to see go.  We purchased her from a breeder down in Talladega exactly one week after our wedding day (we had the rings, a place to live…all we needed was a dog!).  She’s been with us ever since, through 2 moves and the coming and going of many other animals that we have owned.

Sure, there are more important things than our pets, but I do not think it’s a stretch to say that owning them does teach us how to love something that gives little back.  In their short lives, it teaches us to value the little time with have with them.  Our kids are even learning how to take care of creatures that completely depend on us for food, water, healthcare, and attention.

We should learn to treat people so well…

  1. jalack says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Watching Kaylin say good bye to Schayste was tough. I’m always glad to help you brother, I just wish it was a happier reason.

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