Random Monday morning stuff

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Church, Happenings, Perspective
  • Man, on Mondays I always feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.  Sunday morning is always such an “intense” experience (involving everything from setup to performing on stage), Mondays are almost a crash for me.  “Almost,” because I never really get to crash :-).
  • Got to go fishing yesterday afternoon with Jason.  I managed to catch 3 fish (woohoo, right?).  I tell you, there’s little more relaxing than that…especially after a charged Sunday morning.
  • I love the people I serve with at church.  In spite of the hard work and the perpetual “jabbing” at each other on Sundays (good humor sort of stuff), I count all those guys brothers and sisters – and would not want to be serving with anyone else (that is, unless God leads us more people to serve with, right? Right.).
  • The iMac arrives tomorrow.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy…
  • Now I can be like our drummer Jeremy and put an Apple sticker in the back window of my Xterra.
  • I think I’ll put the iMac on the desk right next to the Dell XPS system I have so they can duke it out.  Eh?  Who do you think would win?
  • Just saw a link on the wikiHow section of my iGoogle page (dunno why it’s there…it just is) on how to pray.  Wow, when wiki is teaching us how to pray, what is the world coming to?  Oddly enough (sic), there is no reference to Jesus’ remarks In Matt. 6 on how we should pray.  And I thought anything “wiki” was all-knowing!!  Oh..laugh with me, please.  Wait…don’t do that.  Instead, see it like Paul in Athens, who recognized the religious pursuits of the people there:  Our world has a spiritual desire of some kind.  We either run from it and laugh at it and condemn it, or we use it as a starting point for discussion.
  • I still need a vacation.  I feel a bit burned out – a bit exhausted creatively, a bit tired, a bit un-motivated.  Unlike past years, I don’t blame that on people, on church, or even on the work that I do when things get really busy.  I don’t blame it on lack of vision (there is always a reason to be motivated to do ministry, which is I why I will keep going).  However, I blame burnout on not heeding the everyman need for “sabbath” time – time to rest and recharge.  So…how can I go to the beach on the cheap?  Hmmm…
  • Now I’m too busy daydreaming about the beach to keep blogging.  D’oh!

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