Posted: June 26, 2008 in Happenings
  • Is it almost July already?  Let’s put this in perspective…it’s 6 months to Christmas.  5 months until Thanksgiving.  4 months until Halloween.  1 1/2 months until school starts back.  Y..i..k..e..s.
  • Looks like the heat of the summer is here to stay, which sucks, because I have a lot of yard work to do.  Looks like I’ll be stocking up on a lot of Gatorade.
  • Speaking of heat…I need a pool.  But I also need $15,000-$20,000 to put one in.  Any volunteers?  Can we co-own a pool?  I’ll let you swim whenever you want 😉 .  Just not naked.
  • Our “puppy” is now 7 months old and gigantic.  I’ll post pics eventually…  I ought to take bets on how big he’s going to get.
  • Kailyn had swim lessons all week.  I took the opportunity to get in the pool myself.  Now THAT’S how you exercise during the summer!  You never sweat.
  • The church has purchased an iMac, which I get to learn to edit video on with Final Cut Pro next week.  I cannot wait!
  • But that also means Anne, Dreu, and others will have to learn Pro Presenter for church.  (Now that they’re finally comfortable with EasyWorship, it’s time to change things up…heh).
  • Read that Jeff Goldblum is replacing Chris Noth on Law & Order:  Criminal Intent.  I like that, b/c Noth was not as quirky as Vincent D’onofrio (sp?), and “quirky” seems to work for that show.
  • I can’t believe Dave liked “Rambo.”  I thought he was kidding when he told me that, since he’s about the harshest critic of most movies (he didn’t like Cloverfield, which I loved).  I may have to rent it after all.
  • Believe it or not, I’m contemplating selling my Fender American Stratocaster HSS guitar.  I hardly play it anymore, with the Taylor T5 and ESP Eclipse being my favorites.  But I may have to keep it just for country music 🙂 .
  • In our cleaning efforts, I think we could create the biggest garage sale in Decatur history.  I’ll have to post a list of stuff I’m selling just to show you the stuff I’ve got to get rid of (heck, maybe you’ll want it so bad you’ll buy it).
  • I bought alcohol today for a church video.  You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂 .
  • Holy crap…I’ve put a lot of smileys 🙂 in this post.  I feel like a girl.  I guess I need to hurry up and rent Rambo.
  1. Rev Scottie says:

    Will the Mustang be in the garage sale? 🙂

    Rev Scottie

  2. Heh…I may have to list that under the “if I get an offer I can’t refuse” label.

  3. Jason says:

    He can’t get rid of the Mustang, he wouldn’t have anything to store his ‘stuff’ on if he did……Love ya brother….

  4. I’ll just store my stuff on your boat, since you’re not using it, either 😉 .

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