Random thoughts

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Family, Happenings, Music, Video

Friday night at 12:30 a.m., all kinds of things pop into your head:

  • Enjoyed the mid-season finale of Battlestar Galactica tonight.  Wow.  Great ending to leave you hanging a bit.  One of the best twists I’ve seen on TV in a long time.  If you’re not a sci-fi freak, get over it.  This is one of the best dramatic shows on TV.  The sci-fi setting is almost incidental compared to the character drama and plot.  But I rant.  A lot of nerds do that.
  • I’ve been tweaking the videos for Sunday since I started downloading/working on them Monday morning.  I’ve ran through the videos (and the backup videos) over and over, and they have worked without skipping, getting out of sync with the audio, or crashing the program.
  • This will be the first Sunday in Crosspoint history that a guest band will be playing (since most of my regular band is at the beach for the CSI summer retreat).  They’re not entirely “guests,” since Jonathan C., their bassist, has played with us several times.  And the other band members are acquaintances of many people in our church.  In any event, I’m looking forward to actually just sitting in the crowd, instead of playing onstage.
  • My wife and I bought Wii Fit.  I cannot play Wii Fit until my back heals.  Makes you feel good to have a $90 investment (game + wii board) sitting under the TV unused.  And the gut to prove it.
  • Yes, my back still hurts.  Bad.  This is by far the worst pain I’ve ever had since this whole back-problem-thing started when I was in college (and skinny…I’ve got pictures to prove it!).
  • Caught up on some movies this week:  National Treasure 2 and Jumper.  Both were good “popcorn” movies, and both laid down the premise for sequels.  Now if I can only find the 3+ hours necessary to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3.
  • However, what I need to catch up on is my yard work.  Grass, edging, weed-eating, filling in holes, pressure washing my patio, etc.  Sucks to not be able to push a lawnmower around this week.  If I’m really lucky, my house will be featured in the local paper’s “Hiding in Plain Sight” column, where they showcase messed up yards/homes, etc.  Gotta love the love in that.
  • My 10-year-old Siberian husky, Shastye (sha-stee), nearly died last week from a massive whipworm infection (doesn’t that sound comfy?).  She also may have developed hip dysplatia, and she has a hard time keep her rear legs up without falling when walking on a slick surface like tile or linoleum.  We’ve had this dog since the weekend after our honeymoon, so it’s tough to know she’s on up there in years and may not be around much longer.
  • D’oh!  1 a.m.  Why in the world am I still awake?

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