Sunday re-cap

Posted: June 2, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Music, Video, Worship

After much fear and loathing in Vegas, my video for Sunday finally came together after a downloaded upgrade to Vegas Pro 8 (30-day trial).  Nothing like shooting 15 minutes of footage and then spending 36-hours of straight video work assembling all the images/video I need AND editing it into the video AND THEN troubleshooting the rendering problem.  All for a video that lasted 3 minutes and 30 seconds (I’ll upload it soon, but I’m almost afraid to work on it anymore!!).

And, on top of that, there was a point where Dave was so “on fire” during his preaching, that he called the band up and nearly forgot to show the video.  Man, that would’ve been humbling!

In any event, I loved how Sunday turned out.  Sure, we had some video projection issues throughout the service (signal interference to our projector) and I forgot – just plain forgot – to do one of the worship songs, but it came together.  In fact, skipping the song actually gave Dave time he needed to really nail some points home (call the whole experience divine providence, if you will).

Anyway, here’s the set from Sunday:

  • All Because of Jesus – Steve Fee
  • Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
  • Yearn – Shane and Shane
  • Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill
  • Mission’s Flame – Matt Redman


Sunday’s service was a celebration of our first year in the theater.  More than that, it was a celebration everything God has done in the past year.  It was also a commitment to and a celebration of what God is still calling us to do this coming year.

Right now, I feel like we’re on the edge of something big.  Then again, I’ve felt that way before.  Maybe that’s where God always wants us, though – right there at that point of anticipation, where we keep driving…keep going…keep working at the mission…not quite “finished,” because the mission is never finished.  All we know is God is moving and working in ways that we can’t fully realize or even appreciate, and that somehow, in our own small way as mere servants on this earth, God invites us to be a part of his work.

The more I *think about this, the more excited and motivated I become.  Because I think God is just getting started with us.


*think – what I think about has become more and more important to me lately.  I’m finding if I spend that time thinking about what I believe God is thinking about, it is slowly transforming me into the kind of person God wants me – and I need me – to be.


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