Fear and Loathing in Vegas

Posted: May 31, 2008 in Video

Sony Vegas (video editing software) has been a mainstay of our video-editing at Crosspoint for several years now.  It’s worked pretty well, but the more advanced and complicated our video productions are becoming, the more I’m realizing how “amateur” this software really is.

That’s the “nice” way of putting it.  The truth is that it’s making me want to blow things up.  I’ve been working on a celebration video for TOMORROW all week.  Though my inititial frustration was one of a creative “block,” now it’s purely a software one.  I finally had some inspiration Thursday on how I wanted to this video to look, so I poured a lot of energy into it beginning Friday morning.  I continued working on the video until 4 a.m. this morning, when I finally decided I needed to go to sleep before I collapsed from exhaustion.  I resumed working on the video at 9:00 a.m., finished it around 10, then went to “render” the project (meaning – saving the project as a .wmv file that will play in EasyWorship).  This is when the fun began.

Crash.  Hmmm.  Restart the program, attempt to re-render.  Crash.  Repeat this process about 400 times.

All this on a system with 4 GB of memory, 800 GB of hard disk space, and an Intel dual-core processor.  No spyware.  Well-maintained Windows installation.


I’ve tried breaking the video into parts and rendering it that way.  It’s “serviceable,” but not top notch once finally assembled, so I really don’t want to use that (and we probably wouldn’t).

My current efforts involve taking every photo in the timeline and scaling them down to 640×480.  (A nugget of tech support on their website indicated Vegas doesn’t like hi-res photos – hmm…I’d already scaled them to 1024×768.  I wasn’t aware that 1024×768 was considered hi-res in a time of HD video).  We’ll see if that works.

So there.  I’ve nearly wasted an enire day trying to fix something that should work as advertised.

Lessons learned:

  1. Vegas sucks.  What happens in this Vegas should definitely stay there.
  2. I’m starting to dream about an iMac running Final Cut.  I’ve worked with Macs before, and I know they can crash, too, but it is still the standard – and not as amateur as Vegas is.  Only problem is…it costs a LOT more than Vegas (but, more than ever, I think you get what you pay for).
  3. Creative blocks that hinder productivity can get you into a jam where you are frantic to troubleshoot a problem with a deadline looming.
  4. Even worship leaders will blurt out words they shouldn’t say when dealing with software that sucks.
  5. I haven’t been able to spend much time with my wife and kids today.  That REALLY sucks.
  6. You wind up saying the word “suck” a lot.
  7. 5 hours of sleep doesn’t help.
  8. I need some cheese to go with my “whine.”
  9. I need to remember to eat dinner sometime tonight.
  10. Satan hates it when we celebrate (it is a video celebrating the past year at Crosspoint).


    1. Jason says:

      Let me get you a bottle of Wieneken…..how bout a cheeseburger and french cries….

    2. I know…someone call the “wambulance.”

      I’m just glad everything came together.

    3. Jason says:

      Praise Jee-Sus-ah !!

    4. […] Posted on June 2, 2008 by kevinchristian After much fear and loathing in Vegas, my video for Sunday finally came together after a downloaded upgrade to Vegas Pro 8 (30-day […]

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