Posted: May 22, 2008 in Happenings, Music

I just read that Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter was accidentally killed yesterday.  You can read the whole story here:,2933,357046,00.html

If you spent ANY time in church or listened to Christian radio in the past 15 or so years, you’ve probably heard of Steven Curtis Chapman or you are familiar with his music.  And whether you’re a fan of his music/music style or not, there’s no denying the impact his ministry through music has made on so many people – including me.

I guess you could say I ‘met’ Steven Curtis Chapman something like 14-15 years ago when I was still a student at Mercer University.  I had gone with a bunch of my friends to his concert, and one of our friends just had to have his autograph so we waited in line (for a long, long, time) so she could get it.  When we finally got to him, I realized why the line was taking such a long time:  He was actually meeting the people for whom he was signing autographs.  He talked – asked questions about where they lived, where they went to school, etc., etc.  This brief, but initial impression of SCC left me thinking that this man truly was a man of God more interested in people than anything else.  I was floored, because I’ve rarely seen any other artist – even Christian ones –  meet people on such a personal level and actually demonstrate that he/she cared about them.

I grieve with him for his loss.



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