Sunday re-cap

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Music, Perspective, Worship

We finished up the “Prison Break” series at Crosspoint yesterday talking about breaking free from addiction.  Let’s face it:  We all have addictions.  It may not be meth, or alcohol, or weed, or cigarretes (heck, it may be one of those…), but it may instead be an addiction to porn, work, caffeine, video games, scrapbooking, etc.  Basically, an addiction is anything that we devote excessive time, energy, and resources into that we could be pouring into something else.   That’s the nature of addiction (whatever it is).  At it’s best, it only robs us of our time and our money.   At it’s worst, it tears away at the fabric of our lives.  Substance addiction destroys our bodies.  Porn addiction destroys our minds and our relationships.  Whether a major addiction or a seemingly innoculous one, addiction veers our focus away from God and shreds our relationship with God, because our time, our energy, and our resources are taken away from him, too.

But in a relationship with Christ, we can break free from addictions – not simply by stopping whatever it is we’re addicted to, but replacing that addiction with an addiction to God (devotion to Him).  And His grace heals us.


Overall, I think this has been a very powerful series.  Why?  Because though we don’t like looking at the things in our lives that imprison us, we have to look at those things before we can be free of them:  Religion, our past, unforgiveness, and addiction.  I believe there were many people at Crosspoint during this series who found hope in Christ to be set free.

Anyway, here’s the songset from Sunday morning:

  1. Make a Joyful Noise – David Crowder Band (an old favorite, pretty much)
  2. A Thousand Hallelujahs – Mark Roach
  3. Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down) – Robbie Seay Band (I love the melody of this song)
  4. Oceans from the Rain – Seventh Day Slumber

On a side note, I need to find some more worship songs, but I’ll blog more about that later.   Peace.


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