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Posted: May 5, 2008 in Uncategorized


  • I’ll start this entry with a big thanks to Amber for sharing a difficult testimony Sunday morning AND immediately doing an incredible job of singing Barlow Girl’s “Never Alone.”  Wow!  She is a living/breathing example of how God can take someone, heal them, and turn their story into a powerful example of God’s healing and restoration.  I’m simply amazed.
  • Her story really connected with people.  From the stage, I could see several people (some of whom I’ve been praying for a lot already) respond to her story in a way that I know shows they want God’s healing and restoration in their own lives.  Until now, maybe they’ve not really known whether or not God could heal them or not.  Maybe they’ve resigned themselves to a belief that they will have to wear the yoke of past mistakes/pain the rest of their lives.  But maybe…just maybe…they were set free Sunday morning.
  • We all have a past.  Either we’ve been through a tough circumstance or we’ve done something we regret.  Do you really believe God can help you break free from the chains of your past?  If not, go here and listen to Amber’s story (follow the instructions and click on “Prison Break:  Break Free from Your Past.”  You will believe…
  • “Mighty to Save” rocked my world Sunday.  Listening to the words, knowing that our God is mighty enough to save us from anything is awesome.

Songset from Sunday:

  1. Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  2. You Never Let Go – Matt Redman
  3. Came to My Rescue – Hillsongs
  4. Never Alone – Barlow Girl
  5. Might to Save – Hillsongs


  • I broke a string midway through “Came to My Rescue” Sunday.  Wow…I cannot believe how wildly breaking a D-string can send a guitar out of tune.  Granted, we had taken the song and made it a little heavier (i.e., the “heavy” in “heavy metal”), so I was hitting the string pretty hard.  But dang…I had to quit playing altogether and end the song early.  Fortunately, I think that’s how it was supposed to happen anyway.  A God-thing, if you will…
  • Satan hates us.  He’ll do anything/everything to distract us from what God is doing.  He’ll strain our relationships, shorten our tempers, tempt us in our weaknesses, distract us from our ministry, and try to get us to turn our eyes on ourselves rather than God…whatever it takes to look away from God, even if for a moment.  Never underestimate him.
  • Speaking of dealing with Satan, the band will be “hunting demons” Sunday morning.  We’re playing a song that I’ve been wanting to play for a year.  Now THAT’S going to rock!!
  • In talking with Jason Sunday evening, I realized that at Crosspoint I have more real brothers than I’ve ever had in a church before.  I’d trust any of those guys with my life.
  • This kind of brotherhood is an amazing, but rare thing – which is a freakin’ tragedy in the body of Christ.  Everyone who follows Christ should be able to look at other Christ followers and know that kind of brotherhood!
  • My wife has been in a lot of pain for nearly a month now.  Her right arm/shoulder really bothers her, and doctors (so far) haven’t found out the reason for it.  Please keep her in your prayers.
  •  God’s love is amazing…

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