It’s Sunday night…

Posted: April 13, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Music, Video, Worship

It’s 11:45 p.m., I’m exhausted, and I wonder why I’m still up.  Maybe because I’m too excited.  We had a great morning at Crosspoint wrapping up our Monster series.  Plus, (1) we had a record attendance today of 186 (!), (2) 20 people joined the church at the Discovering Crosspoint class tonight, and (3) I managed not to do anything stupid onstage today.

Wait…I did leave out a complete verse of “Salvation Is Here,” so scratch #3.  Fortunately, no one (but the band) really notices when I do stupid stuff like that.

Anyway, here’s the setlist from this morning:

  1. Meant to Live – Switchfoot (great job singing, Will)
  2. Awesome Is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin
  3. Rise – Robbie Seay Band
  4. Salvation Is Here – Kristian Stanfill
  5. Not to Us – Chris Tomlin (we led into this song with a brief moment singing “We Are Yours,” by Charlie Hall.

I have to say, “Monster” was the most fun we’ve had with a series, and probably our most energetic and innovative series yet – great songs, lots of video, and a contagious excitement that blew every previous thing we’ve done out of the water.  Some highlights:

  • Each week setting a record high for attendance for 4 consecutive weeks.
  • Skillet – “Rebirthing Now” – the heaviest, manliest, guitar-driven song we’ve ever done.
  • Realizing that “Jump” by Van Halen creates more crowd energy than any song we’ve ever done by Crowder, Tomlin, Fee, Hall, Hughes, and so on and so on… I think there’s an inner-hair-band groupie in every one who attends Crosspoint.
  • Kids oogling the 2002 Tony Stewart NASCAR race car parked out front on Easter Sunday (loaned to us by Brian, the current owner and friend of J-mo).
  • Fat guys trying to climb in and out of the same car…LOL!!
  • Mr. Magoo goes to Talladega (scroll down a couple of posts and check out the videos).
  • Guitar Hero and Smash Bros. in the lobby.  It’s amazing what a couple of video games can do for lobby energy.
  • Lives were changed.  EVERYTHING we did in this series was designed to draw people in, get them excited about the possibility that God can do amazing things in their lives, and pray that they encounter God.  Wow…it actually happened.  It’s humbling (to say the least) to see how God can work.

Some behind-the-scenes moments worth mentioning:

  • Driving all the way to Talladega for Dave’s driving experience only to have it cancelled when we arrived (back in early March).  We then go to drive home.
  • Getting a speeding ticket on the 2nd trip to Talladega.  I’m a dufus.  But look at it this way, both Dave and I paid money to go fast!
  • My not being able to got to Six Flags due to my own Magoo virus – and then hearing how Dave got to ride every ride in the park twice in 4 hours – on a beautiful, clear day with a high of 72.  Dude, you suck.  I mean really…
  • Will air-guitaring from the stage this morning during the last song, because the power to his setup got kicked off accidentally during a transition.  Oops.
  • Dave struggling to climb out of the Tony Stewart car, and yelling “I need some butter” loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.
  • Kyle hosing up our starting on time during his guest appearance (on the “Jump” song).  The countdown timer ended, and we just stood there as he put in his in-ear monitor, then proceeded to look for his guitar pick, which was visible tucked in the strings of his guitar to everyone but him.  LOL!!  Seriously, thanks for playing.
  • Putting in something like a gazillion hours editing video.

These 4 weeks I will never forget.   I almost hate that it’s over.  (well, “almost” nothing…I DO hate that it’s over…it’s been that good).  But now I have Prison Break to get excited about (new series beginning on April 27).  That series has a LOT of potential, too…

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