A Full Week

Posted: April 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

After an INCREDIBLE Sunday at Crosspoint, there was no pause going into Monday.  This past week has been one with unusual highs and lows – and more busy than usual:

  • Monday – spent all day tweaking the “Prison Break” series trailer (video) and working on the music for the coming week.  Translation = cramming the bulk of my week’s work into one day.
  • Tuesday – spent ALL morning packing, then left for Atlanta for my grandmother’s funeral.  (I’ll post some thoughts about her when I have more time, but I’ll say this much:  She was a remarkable lady who spent her 92 years serving others and loving God).  Spent the evening with my mother, brother, 2 of my aunts, and an uncle.  Sad circumstances, but great to spend some time with my extended family.
  • Wednesday – got up early and drove to Canton, GA for the funeral.  My grandmother lived her whole life in Canton, which used to be a small town (mom/pop restaurants, a mom/pop department store (!), classic “americana” main street, etc.).  Today, Canton is HUGE – suburban Atlanta has pretty much consumed it.  In a lot of ways, Canton is very different from how I remember it, but it is still the same town  – same landmarks, etc. – I remember visiting so much when I was growing up.  (On a side note, Canton is also the home of Revolution Church where Dave’s friend Gary Lamb serves as pastor).
  • Thursday – My mom’s computer (my dad’s old computer) fried itself.  Maybe it’s lucky it happened while I was there – or it was unlucky.  Either way, we spent the day (1) buying my mom a new PC, (2) setting up the new PC, and (3) importing all her stuff from the old PC to the new PC.  In a word:  Whee!!  Seriously, she was in much need of an upgrade, and I was glad to be able to help her accomplish that while I was there.
  • Friday – man, it’s 5:30, and this day has been CRAZY!!!!!  We left Atlanta after breakfast, and the drive was beautiful (and uneventful) all the way to Morgan County here in Alabama.  As we entered Morgan County on Hwy. 67 (down near the metropolis of Apple Grove – no, I’d never heard of it, either), we entered one heck of a thunderstorm (that part of the county was under a tornado warning).  Lots of lightning and the rain turned so heavy we couldn’t see the tractor-trailer 2 car lengths in front of us.  Then the rain turned to quarter-sized hail, which was so loud hitting the car you couldn’t talk without yelling.  As we continued down the road, we saw branches littering the roadway and – within a half-mile – trees down (off the road) and an overtuned tractor-trailer that had been blown over by the wind (the surrounding damage appeared to be the damage path of a minor tornado).  We sat there dead-stop in the road for a while until a Morgan County Sherrif showed up and we could move on.  We got into another big storm when we entered Decatur, but it – fortunately – was only heavy rain.

Anyway, now it’s 5:40, and I’d give anything to just close my eyes and wake up…oh…maybe Sunday?  But alas…I have to finish up a MAJOR video project for church Sunday, hold a band rehearsal in the A.M., and…well, I’ll quit whining now.


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