Late night ramblings…

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Blogs I Read, Church, Crosspoint, Happenings, Music, Video
  • Very glad to hear that Mark Love, pastor of Journey in Chattanooga, is recovering from a nasty accident with no serious injuries.  You can read about what happened and see pictures on his blog.  Apparently, the “Magoo” virus, which has haunted Dave for a year now, is highly contagious.   If you don’t know, Journey is a church in Chattanooga which, like us, also meets in a theater on Sunday mornings.  They just launched Sunday.  Personally, I just think Satan hates them as much as he hates us…because they’re awesome.
  • My recent bout with the Magoo virus (i.e., the sunburn feeling with no sunburn) has passed…hopefully for good. 
  • How do you have band practice when a member of the band is sick and to reschedule rehearsal would mean you won’t be able to practice as a whole band before Sunday?  If you know the answer tell me…  But for now, I’m having 2 rehearsals this week:  Tonight’s was with one of the guitarists and the bass player.  Tomorrow’s is with the other guitarist, the other vocalist, and the drummer (still pending his illness recovery).  I hope fitting all the rehearsed pieces together Sunday morning won’t be sheer chaos.  But, with the Magoo virus and all going around, I’m bracing myself for…anything.
  • Sunday will kick off with a brief homage to one of my favorite 80s songs.  Hint:  I get a keyboard solo.  It comes right after the guitar solo.
  • Keyboard solos were rare in the 80s…or they sucked. (Boston knew how to do them in the 70s…”Long time” makes me want a Hammond organ). 
  • Five Guys Burgers and Fries finally opened here in Decatur.  Great!  More food to make me fat.  I mean…dang it…
  • I’ve been editing video of Dave’s trip to Six Flags.  I did not get to go because of my Magoo skin/nerve thing.  I am jealous.  I admit it.  He rode every ride in the park twice…in 4 hours.  It was a sunny 70 degrees and there was no crowd.  I spent the day hurting and walking my dog around a local park.  Happy…happy…  joy…. joy…
  • Someone buy me thisSchecter Baritone guitar
  • Please.  My inner metal-head is wailing to have one.
  • Crap, it’s midnight!

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