Full throttle

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Perspective, Uncategorized

Sometimes, life seems to go by so fast it really is just a blur.  So far, 2008 is proving to be the FASTEST year ever.  It seems like only yesterday the house was decorated for Christmas and my brother and mother were here to celebrate the holiday with us.  The reality is 3 months have gone by since then.  I don’t even remember February.   What did we do in February?  Anyone?  I sometimes feel I have to read my own blog posts just to remember what happened.  Yikes.

Dave informed me that our revised total for Easter attendance was 173.  Wow!  That’s not only an Easter high, but our highest attendance in Crosspoint’s history.  Sure, it may not seem much compared to some of the mega-churches out there, but for us, that’s a milestone.  There is energy and a momentum happening in our church that has not happened this way before, and it’s awesome to be a part of. 

**Side note:  Number are just numbers, and we don’t count heads simply to make ourselves feel good…but they do represent real people who are coming through our doors.  Some of them may just be looking for another church home, but it’s also highly possible a lot of them don’t have a relationship with Christ – or they have some need in their life that only Jesus can meet, some pain that only He can heal…whatever their story, they are here.**

Now it’s already Thursday evening, and another Sunday is rapidly approaching (and EVERY Sunday is just as important as Easter when it comes to connecting with people and connecting them with Christ).  I’ve got one band member sick (but, hopefully, recovering).  I’m smack dab  in the middle of editing a lot of video.  I have another BIG video to shoot this Saturday for NEXT Sunday.  More songs to chart…more scheduling issues to wrestle with… Wow.  No time to waste…

A friend of mine at the church I used to work at used to say, “Welcome to the ministry!” every time we were awestruck by the amount of work to be done on a weekly basis.  First off, I must confess that I do not like the word “ministry.”  It sounds so churchy, and – to me – suggests images of people in suits with cheesy hair sitting in comfy chairs next to the preacher on a Sunday morning, or people who get special parking privileges at the hospital.  The reality is the word carries MUCH more weight than that.  “Ministry” is the responsibility and the task of connecting people with God and connecting people with other people, whether you are a pastor, a youth leader, a worship leader, a children’s minister, or just Joe Christian who sits in the 10th row every Sunday.  Ministry is no easy task, because we who claim to be Christ-followers must be dedicated to this task 24 hours a day. 

It’s not a part-time thing.  It is not something we can take time “off” from.  Why? 

  1. Because the message we are entrusted to carry to people is the difference between someone spending an eternity with God or spending an eternity in hell.  I won’t water that fact down.  I won’t make it politically correct, because the Bible does not make it politically correct.  I won’t soften people’s need for the gospel because that would soften my efforts to get the word out.  Think of it this way:  We have found the cure for the world’s greatest terminable disease (sin), and there are millions – maybe billions – of people in desperate need of it.  That is how important this task is.
  2. Because people are watching.  People see how we act.  They see how we treat one another.  They see whether or not this faith – which is supposed to be the difference between life and death for us – is important to us.  If our dedication to serving God and living the way he wants us to live ceases on Monday morning, people notice.  If I pour my heart into preparation for a Sunday one week, then put in a half-hearted effort the next week, people notice.  If I talk about caring about others, but do not act like it in “the real world,” people notice.

It may sound overwhelming, and honestly, sometimes it does feel that way.  But I can also say that nothing brings me more satisfaction than the payoff – to see someone’s life change because you put as much work as possible getting the message to them and they entered into a real relationship with God.  To see someone heal from an old wound, to overcome a lifetime of addiction – basically, to see their lives changed in a way that only God can make happen.

As the Creative Arts dude for Crosspoint, that means every video edited, every song rehearsed, every band member involved, every word spoken (onstage or off), every difficult circumstance, and the ever-increasing speed at which it all happens….

… is worth every minute of it.


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