Odds and Ends

Posted: March 24, 2008 in Crosspoint, Happenings, Music
  • Ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries today for the first time.  Now THAT’S how you cook and sell a burger.  Sure, it’s $10 once you add a drink and fries, but it’s worth it.  Makes you wonder how fast food chains can get away with calling Big Macs and Whoppers real burgers.  Okay, Hardee’s makes good burgers, too.
  • But now that I’ve tasted the burger goodness, I’m wondering more than ever why the Five Guys over by the new Target hasn’t opened yet.  You look inside…there are chairs and even a soda machine…all it’s missing is a staff and customers.  Anyone?
  • I am STILL tired after Easter Sunday yesterday.  But here’s the truth:  EVERY Sunday is just as important as Easter and deserves the same amount of work put into it.
  • I’ve owned a gray pair of Skecher’s shoes for a year.  I’ve worn them.  5 times.  3 of those times have been in the past 3 days.  They are nice shoes, and more comfortable now that I’ve actually worn them enough to break them in.  But here’s a question:  How can a shoe company become so popular selling expensive shoes that bear an uncanny resemblance to bowling shoes?
  • I get to take my 2-year-old to the dentist for the first time tomorrow.  Oh, boy…isn’t that going to be fun!
  • We may be playing a brief homage to 80s rock Sunday morning.  That’s funny, because I’m so unlike an 80s rocker:  I have no hair and I’m not skinny…anymore.  In fact, our worship band is more like an “un-hair band.”  Unless you count body hair.  Ewww…  I hate getting older…

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