Easter wrap-up

Posted: March 23, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Happenings, Music, Video, Worship

The following video is the video we made (using clips from “The Passion”) to kick off the service this morning:

Maybe Easter is not a “big” holiday in the public eye like Christmas or Thanksgiving (or even Halloween), it IS the most important holiday for Christians, because Jesus’ resurrection is the proof that sin and death are defeated – the heart of the “good news” about God’s salvation plan.

If you work in a church (as a staff person or as a volunteer), then you also know that Easter is a HUGE day for a church.  Not only is it an important holiday, it is also one of the few Sundays where people who don’t normally go to church might go check church out for themselves.  Today was such a day at Crosspoint.  We had a record-high attendance for the year (168), which is really encouraging, especially considering that this Easter came on the end of a Spring Break week in Alabama.

This morning (and all of last week) were busier-than-normal weeks for us as we prepared for and pulled off the service this morning.  In addition to the video above, I edited a number of videos for this morning, charted the songs, and practiced my butt off for the special music – and that’s just me.  The amount of work that others put into the lobby, KidZone, artwork, stage design, their own rehearsal, and even the parking lot at the theater is amazing.  Heck, people coordinated getting  a freakin’ 2002 Tony Stewart Nextel Cup Grand Am race car parked in the front of the building just to ‘whet your appetite’ for week 1 of the Monster series we kicked off this morning (a big THANKS to Brian Gill, the current owner and driver of the car, for loaning it to us!!).

A lot of work, yes.  Worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  Though I could measure success in human terms of attendance and how well we “pulled off” the program without a hitch, that would short-change the experience.  The truth is that God was there this morning, there was an energy only He could provide, and hearts and lives were changed in a way that only He can make happen.  It’s exciting, yet very humbling that we get to be a part of that process at Crosspoint.

Anyway, here’s the set list for this morning:

  1. Rebirthing – Skillet (awesome song to kick off a service with…nothing like playing a guitar de-tuned to a Drop-B.  Whoa…)
  2. Happy Day – Tim Hughes
  3. Awesome Is the Lord Most High – Chris Tomlin
  4. Hallelujah – Hillsongs (great chorus, though we had to cut it short for time)
  5. Mighty to Save – Hillsongs

Will did a great job.  Amber – even though she was sick – was amazing.  Wow, she sings better sick than I EVER do when I’m well.  Jeremy, Jerry, and Brent also did great as usual.  It’s a joy to play with all you guys!

Well, I’m pooped…so I’m going to bed… Peace!


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