Monster Weekend

Posted: March 20, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Happenings

Monster kicks off this Sunday, and a WHOLE lot of work is going into making the most exciting series we’ve ever done at Crosspoint:

  • The lobby is going to be more like a Dave and Buster’s than a lobby.
  • The parking lot is even going to be exciting.
  • I get to play my ESP guitar de-tuned to Drop-B for the opening song.  That’s low.  Translation for you non-music types:  Manly music!
  • I’m spinning a lot of video projects for Sunday – I can’t close my eyes without seeing the Sony Vegas interface burned into my retinas.  And I’m not done yet.
  • Spring Break?  What’s that?
  • The guys (and girl) in the band for this Sunday are awesome – they’ve been working their butts off to learn the opening song.
  • KidZone is also going to be off the hook.
  • There has been one obstacle after another trying to trip up all the details, but everything is still moving forward.
  • “Monster:  Energize Your Life” is much more than just a cool theme or a catchy “hook” to draw people in.  It’s about what the awesome power of God can do in our lives (Acts 1:8).  It’s the same power of God that created everything, parted the Red Sea for Moses, stopped time itself for Joshua, and defeated sin and death for all of us in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  It’s this power that can change our lives forever.

So here’s the bottom line:  There are people all over Decatur and Morgan County (and N. Alabama) who desperately need this power in their lives.  They may be hurting, lonely, searching, unfulfilled, and in desperate need for real relationships – with God and with other people.  Some of them find church boring – or worse, they may have a previous church experience that has left them wounded and mistrusting of church – and maybe even God.

THIS is the weekend to invite them.  Everything we are doing is for the people we do not know yet.  We may “entertain,” but we entertain with a purpose.  Why?  Because there are people everywhere who are far from God.  This should not be, because we have the most exciting message in the world, and we want to be excited about it and communicate it in an exciting – not boring – way.  We join with the other 100+ churches in Decatur this Easter knowing that more people are open to attending church this weekend than in any other weekend.  We want these people to know that our God is bigger than their pain and their problems.

But we have to be willing to get out there and invite them…


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