Sunday evening wrap-up

Posted: March 9, 2008 in Church, Crosspoint, Family, Health, Music, Outdoors, Worship
  • We finished up “Girl Gone Mild”(a study in the book of Ruth) at Crosspoint this morning.  Honestly, I thought this series would be one of those “filler” series between bigger, more exciting series.  Wow…was I wrong.  Looking at the life of Ruth – and seeing her role in history – has been an eye-opening thing for a lot of people when it comes to issues of dealing with difficult circumstances, learning to trust and obey God, and finding our purpose in a messed up world.  It has been very powerful.
  • I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again:  Amber can sing.  Wow.
  • THE GOOD:  I actually went fishing after church today.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that, and it was very nice to get out and just spend a few moments wetting a line.
  • THE BAD:  I suck at fishing…well, maybe.  I’m just saying that because I didn’t catch anything today.  Jason caught two.
  • My daughter (Kailyn) went with us.  She didn’t catch anything, either (she’s 5 and was using a Lightning McQueen fishing pole).  However, she threw one of the small bass Jason caught back into the water without freaking out – even holding it by its mouth.
  • The people at Crosspoint are awesome.  We can laugh together.  We can hurt together.  We can hang out together.  We would do anything for one another.  And – best of all – these people are extending that kind of love/community to people who walk through the doors.  It may not always work and it may not always be perfect, but they’re trying.
  • I keep feeling better.  Today was the best day yet.  No phantom sunburn.  No odd pains.  Healthy = good.
  • Why did I have to purchase the 100 lb. Roland Rantom keyboard years ago?  Had I known we’d become a portable church, I might have re-thought that purchase decision…. Nah, it’s too fun to play.
  • Daylight Savings Time is still killing me (it’ll take me about a week to adjust)…so I need to log off and to bed.
  • Anyway, here’s the songset from this morning:
  1. Sing to the King – Passion Worship Band
  2. Salvation Is Here – Kristian Stanfill
  3. Everlasting God – Lincoln Brewster
  4. Anyway – Martina McBride (Amber knocked this one out of the park)
  5. Rise – Robbie Seay Band

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