Spring, snow, steroids, and songs

Posted: March 7, 2008 in Church, Family, Happenings, Music, Weather
  • I don’t know if I’m healing up yet.  Yesterday, I still had the sunburn sensation in a bad way on my left leg above the knee.  Prednizone did zilch for that.  At this rate, I’m sure of needing an MRI.
  • Stacey started itching all over her back and legs yesterday for no reason.  No rash, no dry skin, just itching.  I can’t help but wonder if it’s related to the thing I’m fighting off.  Only with me, it’s pain, not itching.  Maybe a virus?
  • Seriously, keep this stuff in your prayers – the symptoms and the doctor’s uncertainty at what it could be are starting to freak me out.
  • This week has been crazy weather-wise:  60s on Monday, then cold again, then warm yesterday – and now we’re in a Winter Storm Watch, outlining a chance of snow for tonight/tomorrow.  With this kind of weather, I think I’d better run to the store and buy milk…and suntan lotion.  Heh.
  • I hope it snows for my kids (and for me).  Kailyn has prayed for snow the past 2 winters, and has only seen flurries.  Heck, I haven’t seen real snow since 1996, and that was on top of a Mt. Princeton in Buena Vista, CO.  I don’t think I’ve seen snow around here since 1995.
  • However, I hope it doesn’t snow for other reasons.  We’ve got a lot of things that need to get done this weekend as we finish up the Girl Gone Mild series at church and prepare for “Monster:  Energize Your Life” on Easter.
  • Maybe we can have both.  Lots of snow on the ground, very little snow on the roads.  Maybe.  One could hope.
  • This Sunday, we do our second-ever country song at Crosspoint:  Martina McBride’s “Anyway.”  (I have blocked out what the first one was).  Odd, I suppose, that we do little country music in a church in northern Alabama.  Maybe that’s because most of us in the band are part metalhead/70s rocker/80s hair band, and that energizes the way we worship and why we’ve picked performance songs by bands like Linkin Park, Switchfoot, Evanescence, and even Lynard Skynard.  Still, country song and all, Amber sounded GREAT singing the song during rehearsal last night, so I’m very much looking forward to plugging it into the program Sunday morning.  It should be a moment people will really enjoy yet be challenged at the same time.
  • Downloaded the Robbie Seay Band’s album, “Give Yourself Away” a little while back, and we’re doing a song this Sunday off of that album called “Rise.”  Great song, great band.  If you’ve attended Crosspoint during the past couple of weeks, you might recognize the song as the one playing with our countdown timer before the service starts.
  • I want to get well.  I want to get in shape.  I’ve got “x” number of years on this planet, and I don’t want to waste a day…even a minute…worrying about my health when there’s so much to be done.

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