I wonder…

Posted: March 4, 2008 in Computers, Family, Happenings

God, is my body still under warranty?

The mystery pain I’ve been feeling since Friday has spread all over my torso, and occasionally on my legs.  Basically, it feels like I have sunburn…but there is nothing on the skin -no rash, no redness…zilch.  At first, I thought it was the onset of shingles (all the amatuer doctors I know (a.k.a., my friends, insisted this was probably the case).  But after it spread to other nerve areas without ever erupting into a rash, I began to doubt that “diagnosis.”  I did the smart thing and went to a real doctor today, who, amazingly, seemed as bewildered by my condition as I am.  His initial diagnosis is that it’s either (1) some sort of virus attacking my nervous system or (2) a condition induced by nothing more than stress.

In either case, the initial treamtment is to take a steroid for 6 days and see if that takes care of it.  If not, then I’ll be having my first-ever MRI.  Whee!  I’m 36 and I’m falling apart.  Wow.  High blood pressure…now this.

On a positive note, I resumed my gym workout this week.  Basically, since most of my physical troubles are my own consequences for years of laziness and bad eating habits, I can’t blame God for this. So – in spite of the mystery pain, I still made it to the gym, where I walked for a while then worked out my upper body.  I’m paying for it today, though, with sore muscles on top of the mystery pain.  And a sinus headache.  I’m eating Aleve like they’re M&M’s (not really, but it sounds cool to say it that way).

I met with Dave today and we toyed with a demo of Apple’s Pro Presenter.  Dang it…now I want a Mac really, really bad.

  1. Kyle says:

    Hope you get to healin’ up.

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