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Posted: February 25, 2008 in Church, Gaming, Happenings, Perspective
  • Ever since Evolve, it seems like it’s been a week of discouragement and spiritual attack.  Of course, that seems to be the norm:  When God speaks to you and stirs your heart, Satan usually steps in and tries to de-rail you.  Okay, okay… I don’t want to see a demon behind every tree, but there’s discouragement – some of it is probably self-inflicted by the very bad habits I’m trying to overcome.
  • Times of discouragement come and go.  The real question is:  What kind of a person will I be on the rainy days as well as the sunny ones?
  • In spite of discouragement, I remained busy and “on task” last week.  Everything came together for Sunday morning.
  • I slept for 3 hours after lunch yesterday.  Wow.  I hate napping longer than 30-45 minutes.  But I think I’m fending off the flu, so if sleep is what I need, it’s sleep I’m going to get.
  • I’m bummed to read that the XBOX 360 HD-DVD add-on price has plummeted to $50 at Best Buy this morning with the demise of the HD-DVD format.  I was proud of the “steal” I paid for it used ($120) way back in September.  Just goes to show you, technology (and it’s appeal) is fleeting at best.  Well, at least I still have mine for the whopping 4 HD-DVDs I own.
  • I find some consolation that I also have a PS3 with the blu-ray drive built in.  :-).

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