Gasping for air

Posted: February 13, 2008 in Church, Happenings

What a ride the past couple of weeks have been!  There’s been a lot going on, and the train isn’t stopping any time soon.

Brent and I headed up to Chattanooga to help Journey Chattanooga with their 2nd preview service (they have 1 more preview before their official launch on Easter).  It was a lot of fun playing with the Jack Daniels band (that’s my unofficial name for their band, since their drummer’s name is Jack and their guitarist was Daniel…heh).  Everything went pretty well, and the attendance at their service was high.  It was also fun spending some time with the pastor, Mark Love, and their connections pastor, Scott Pollard, and getting better acquainted with them (Dave and I had spent some time with them at the Mountain Lake conference we attended in Cumming, GA in the fall). 

Journey’s vision for reaching people and how to do that resonate very well with the vision at Crosspoint.  Though I was surrounded by people I didn’t know very well, I felt right at home Sunday, worshipping and serving with just another part of the body of Christ.

Anyway, here’s a pic (thanks, Scott…I ripped this off of your blog) of our impromptu rehearsal on Saturday night.  Left to right:  Me, Brent, Jack, Daniel.  (click the picture for the whole picture if necessary).                   

 Garage Band


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