Posted: February 6, 2008 in Perspective, Weather

…at home today. My daughter, Kailyn, has a fever of 101.4. She’s already sleepy from having had a long night last night with the passing of the storms (she’s terrified of storms), so – in a sense – her fever has given her a way out of having to suffer through school today while being exhausted. Still, it’s sad to see her feeling so “icky.” At least she hasn’t thrown up or anything (which she thought she was going to this morning…yikes).

Now that it’s the day after the night of storms, it is amazing to read the emerging damage reports across the south from the storm system yesterday/last night. The last headline I saw tallied the death toll at 36. What an outbreak, considering that it’s only February, and we have not even gotten into the heart of the severe weather season.

Around here, it was another tornado warning where nothing really happened. We were very fortunate. However, I don’t know why people complain about “nothing happening,” unless they’re just really disappointed their house was not destroyed. I mean, it’s like they think that if the sirens wake you up at 3 a.m., there’d better be some damage to someone somewhere. Sheesh.

Well, in this case, it came very close. People were killed by this storm just 10-15 miles away near Moulton, AND, though less severe, there was a probable tornado touchdown very near us which destroyed a mobile home and caused minor damage to the storage facility where we house the church gear on Modaus Road.

I imagine many people who died in this event viewed this storm system as typical southern weather, which it is. They had no way of knowing that this would be THE storm system that would take their lives. That, to me, is very humbling to think about. How many times do we truck through our lives assuming we have all the time in the world, ignoring threats right before our very eyes? Often we live as if we’re invulnerable, taking risks in everything from how we take care of our bodies to how we drive in our daily commutes. But any given moment could be OUR moment to leave this life… You just never know…

Maybe that’s why I’m doubly hating being stuck at home…indoors…typing on my blog…rather than being out, doing something – ANYTHING – exciting.

 EDIT:  Just read that there now 47 confirmed dead.  Wow….


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