Posted: January 22, 2008 in Church, Perspective

…can’t other restaurants serve hot chocolate that tastes as good as the stuff at Panera Bread Co.?

…does it seem you always get sick, busy, or – something/anything – when you’re trying to start a diet/exercise program?

…can’t I find time to watch half of the new movies I’ve actually purchased in the past months:  Die Hard 4, The GamePlan, Pirates 3, etc., etc.

…does a good night sleep cost $……….. (I’ll let you guess the cost of our new Sealy True Form mattress…sheesh!)?

…is it so hard to teach a 2-year-old how to go to the bathroom in the toilet?

…do my band members have totally wacked schedules??

…do my video team members have totally wacked schedules??

…do Christian radio stations recycle 10-year-old worship songs?

“WHY” is a loaded question.  It’s easy to ask about stupid things (like the things above).  But there are some more pressing “why’s” on my mind:

Why – do people take something as simple as believing in and giving you life to Christ and transform it into a legalistic, self-righteous practice, over-extended (busy) life of rules, regulations, and maintaining a “good person” self-image for all those to see?

Why – does it take so much to awaken our spirits when we already know that Jesus died for us?  Isn’t that enough to get our hearts pumping?

Why – do people put God (and even church) after family, work, and their nearly-sacred “free-time?”

Why – don’t people get it?  By “it” I mean – love God, love others…with all our hearts.  Nothing…NOTHING…else matters compared to this.

Why – do smart people make incredibly stupid choices?  Why do we run headlong into sin and stupidity when we freakin’ KNOW better?

Why – do we consume church?  Meaning:  Why do we go into church wondering what’s in it for us?

Why – do we judge people?

WhyHow can we just stand here/there – in the presence of a God as awesome/unimaginable/indescribable/loving as ours – and not respond to that knd of immense love and grace and power with all our hearts, minds, and strength – through worship and serving and telling others about Him???



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