Posted: January 19, 2008 in Church, Happenings, Weather
  • * CRAP!!  Another snow opportunity that didn’t pan out for us.  This time.  Funny, a lot of people south of us got a lot of snow.  My mother (in Atlanta) is also supposed to get a lot of snow today.  Bummer for us, but encouraging that it can still snow in the Deep South.  Just waiting our turn…and I hope the wait is measured in days/weeks instead of years (which it has been so far)
  • * After talking with Dave about his great sleep experience since he purchased his new foam bed a short time back, Stacey and I decided to try a similar Sealy “True Form” foam king-size mattress this week (along with a new bed to put it on).  Very comfortable!  So far, I enjoy going to sleep and (generally) staying asleep and waking up feeling god.  The thing was pricey, but not near as much as the Tempur-pedic beds.  Besides, how much is a good night’s sleep worth?
  • * Buying a new bed gave us an excuse/reason/imperative to clean up our master bedroom.  Woohoo!  I didn’t know we actually had that much (visible) floor in our bedroom.
  • * If she can avoid getting infected with the latest cold/stomach bug/infection, etc., Amber will be leading out on 2 songs for us tomorrow morning at church.  I’m looking forward to just having to harmonize instead of lead out (at least for part of the program).  Should be a great morning.
  • * Went with Jeremy and Allison to Maria Bonita’s last night.  Great food, very slow service.  But the real gripe of the evening was some drunk chick (who could barely stand up on her own, apparently) nearly tripping over Zachary near the bathroom.  Good grief.  Not the kind of experience you really want to have when you’re out with your family.
  • * Since it’s not supposed to snow here today, I hope to wrap up my video-editing early and get OUT of the house.  Maybe go to Huntsville…  Maybe just go to Target…  Maybe drive south to see snow…  Would that be considered “crazy” or “stupid?”  Eh….who cares!?

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